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  1. Bert2theSpark

    B&M Surf Coaster Thread

    So I'm surprised no one has posted this yet but B&M has filed a trademark for "Surf Coaster". So what does everyone think about this, We haven't seen a new large B&M model since 2011.
  2. Bert2theSpark

    Why haven't any major theme park operators/manufactures merged?

    In the theme park industry things typically work like this, a theme park operator builds and runs the theme park whilst a theme park manufacturer builds the rides, we all know how it works. In other industries they started off with one company does produces something and then another creates...
  3. Bert2theSpark

    Theme Park Documentaries

    As I couldn't find a thread I'd thought I'd create one. This is for anyone (Worldwide) interested to be on the telly and represent coaster enthusiasts! CoasterForce members have been on the TV before so why not be on the telly again!?
  4. Bert2theSpark

    'One of the leading, global theme park owners' to enter $120m ride contract with Empire Industries

    So on Dynamic Attractions website recently put out an article about a 4 year contract with 'One of the leading, global theme park owners' of $120 million US Dollars. So the million pound question is who? Disney, Nope it's one of the biggest. Merlin, I'll get on to them in a sec. Universal...