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    Phantasialand in Winter/General Questions

    It's likely I'll be in Dusseldorf with work for the week of the 21st November. I noticed Phantasialand do a Christmas event which seems to begin right around that time and entertained the possibility of popping down as I've never visited the park before. Have had a little nose around and noticed...
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    Sea World San Diego |"Manta"| Mack Launched

    Sea World San Diego is to build a $10 million Mack Launched coaster in the park for 2012. The ride will be called "Manta" and themed similarly to its Floridian cousin however it will provide a totally different ride experience. The coaster is set not to exceed 30ft ensuring a fast, compact...
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    Parc Asterix |"Oz'Iris"| B&M Invert

    Found this whilst browsing online and it looks rather interessant. If this is true, fantastic news for the park but also for Europe's coaster industry and I reckon this will REALLY place Asterix at the top-end of the European market. EDIT by Ian: Image credit from
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    Alton - 11.9.10

    As usual with my trip reports, this one is VERY long. So read on at your own peril. Yesterday I took my second trip to the Towers this year, bit of a record seeing as I didn’t visit at all last year. This was my fourth visit to the Towers but I still get that buzz of excitement before...
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    Disneyland Resort Paris

    Just a prior warning to everyone, this trip report will be a BIG one, so persons with visual, back or neck problems, or those who have a short attention span should read at their own risk. :P Just to make it easier and less strenuous as well I’ll start with the Disneyland Park first and then do...
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    Flying on an E-3D Sentry

    Everything that is posted in this thread is non-confidential, so basically I'm not showing you anything I shouldn't be. Oh yeah, and it's a pretty hefty report. It might take you a while to read. :lol: Last year I posted a thread concerning gliding which I did as part of the Air Cadets. It...
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    Most major parks and coasters tend to have their fanboys/girls but how do you think fanboyism is defined? Is it just someone who has a liking to a certain park/ride or would a fanboy be someone with an obsession with it? Would you agree with the interpretation that fanboyism is disliked by...
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    Short story. Yesterday, as I was putting my cereal bowl in the dishwasher, my sister's bread had just finished toasting and it (unexpectedly) popped up, accompanied by the springing sound. This startled me causing me to drop my cereal bowl and break it. Today, I had toast and I was even a bit...
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    Missing Scene in DarKastle?

    Post contains spoilers. Ye be warned. Okay, I noticed that there seemed to be a scene a bit lacking on 'Curse of DarKastle' at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It's the part where you go through a fireplace and the evil king says "it's time to heat things up." On both my rides, it went through...
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    The Land of Stereotypes (Busch Gardens Europe) - PTR

    Long post ahead; read at your own peril. :lol: Lazy members, I have put ride names in bold so if you want to scan to see reviews, look for them there. So, on my epic trip across the pond, my parents agreed to take me to a theme park (of my choice.) I was going to decide between Busch or Six...
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    Gliding - PTR

    Photos are not professional, pretty poor quality and about the content, not the overall effect. Right, first some background stuff, I am part of a youth organisation known as The Air Training Corp, (or most commonly known as the Air Cadets.) basically, it is a voluntary organisation which is...
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    Do you Play a Musical Instrument?

    So do you play a musical instrument or have so in the past? Have you taken lessons or exams (grades)? Or have you never touched one and have no idea what I'm on about? I play piano and guitar at the moment. I'm at Grade 5 piano but I've quit the exams now, I'd much rather play soundtracks...
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    Have you ever had a rollback?

    Have you ever had a rollback on an accelerator or any other coaster. I had one the other day on Stealth, it was good but not as great as I anticipated.