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  1. witchfinder

    Major Rides At Your Local Park You Always Skip?

    Alton Towers and it's Spinball Whizzer for me too - horrible queue, uncomfortable and potentially nausea-inducing. It's easily the worst coaster in the park. I will only go on it if I'm there with other people that want to ride it. I was also there with my wife for Oktoberfest last week and we...
  2. witchfinder

    YAY Merlin!

    It could easily have been more if we hadn't left an hour early. Probably could have had another 4-6 depending on the ride :) I only had the lager (forget the name now) but it was nice. I'm no beer expert though. The monorail was closed when we left at 6pm but we think it did re-open as we saw...
  3. witchfinder

    YAY Merlin!

    I went to Alton Towers for the first time this year last Friday and had one of the best days I've had there in recent memory. Oktoberfest meant longer opening hours than your typical September weekday (10am-7pm) and it was fairly lively but all the big coasters we rode were running multiple...
  4. witchfinder

    A Giga going to Kings Island!!2????

    If it was 437 feet then it would be a Strata. Please go away! :D
  5. witchfinder

    What is the worst ghost train you’ve ever ridden?

    Yep, I remember that very vaguely. Never won an ice cream off your mum though ;)
  6. witchfinder

    What is the worst ghost train you’ve ever ridden?

    I remember it being on the site that's now The Smiler. I recall there was a vintage cars ride nearby too and a paddling pool roughly in the area near the lake that now has one of their crappy arcade sheds on it! Back to Doom & Sons, I always used to go through it every visit in those days as it...
  7. witchfinder

    What is the worst ghost train you’ve ever ridden?

    LIES! I remember Doom & Sons and I'm a spring chicken compared to you... ;) Anyway, I've been on a few bad Fairground Ghost trains but I think the worst was one that rocked up at my local Park a couple of years ago. We were there for a fun dog show so since I was there anyway I thought "Why...
  8. witchfinder

    Canobie Corkscrew vanishes from park map & website - Confirmed removal for 2021

    As a UK based enthusiast I'm feeling quite smug that I've actually been to two of those three :D Rode the Canobie Corkscrew a couple of times and it wasn't particularly enjoyable, just a standard Arrow corkscrew, so if they replaced it with a modern family thrill coaster I think that'd be a...
  9. witchfinder

    Auschwitz and Energylandia?

    I did it too - Legendia one day, then Chorzow Zoo the next morning and Auschwitz in the afternoon, then Energylandia the next day. It was a bit weird doing it that way but we had been to Auschwitz on a previous trip so we skipped some of the exhibits and just had a respectful walk around the...
  10. witchfinder

    Tails of tediousness 14/08/2021

    I'm just going to repeat what I said in a similarly unhappy trip report from Alton Towers a week or so ago: Never, ever go in the school holidays. This applies to any major theme or wildlife park. They are just hell on earth. I would rather not go than go during these periods! The good news...
  11. witchfinder

    What is the most surprising airtime moment you’ve experienced in your enthusiast career?

    A thread of this nature already exists ;)
  12. witchfinder

    Coastal Cred Run o’ Shame – Southport to North Wales

    This August I was really hoping to have rearranged my trip to the USA from last year and be taking in such delights as Cedar Point and Dollywood. Sadly Joe Biden is being a stubborn old coot so new cred desperation means I have to resort to s**t like this instead… 😢 Browsing Coast2Coaster and a...
  13. witchfinder

    Your Wacky Worm Count.

    Best wacky worm ever and possibly the only one to give ejector airtime out of the station! 😁
  14. witchfinder

    Alton towers 10/08/21 - A dismal birthday

    Sorry you didn't have a great day, I feel some of your pain from my own visits, but just a couple of tips for future reference... They don't, because you're allowed to take your own food to all Merlin parks :) You can buy same-day parking online from the website if you want to save queueing...
  15. witchfinder

    Glenwood Caverns | Defiance | Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter | 2022

    So it's a Eurofighter on a hillside then? With the world's steepest freefall drop, apparently (no holding brake). I'm sure the views will be fab but it's still a tad underwhelming isn't it? 🤷‍♂️
  16. witchfinder

    Does GPS/Satnav sometimes think you’re a park employee?

    We had this on the CF trip to Walibi Belgium in 2017. I was driving and followed the SatNav instructions and we could see the park on the horizon, but it took us off the motorway and through a small village and we were all saying "this can't be right" and sure enough, we wound up at the employee...
  17. witchfinder

    Matt N’s 18th Birthday Trip 29th/30th July 2021 (Legoland Windsor/Paultons Park)

    Ha, they're really not! 😆 Happy birthday, nice report and glad you enjoyed Legoland this time. I visited for the first time last year and was pleasantly surprised as it exceeded my expectations a little. I hope you had a beer with that meal you rushed off for! ;)
  18. witchfinder

    Your UK top 10, 2021

    Think there's probably a thread about this somewhere (maybe in the polls section) and I'm not giving up on getting out of the UK just yet but here's mine: 1. Nemesis 2. Icon 3. Swarm 4. Stealth 5. Rita 6. Nemesis Inferno 7. Wicker Man 8. Megafobia 9. Saw 10. Vampire Or something like that -...
  19. witchfinder

    What do you consider a “good” ride count at a theme park?

    A quick count up of my significant park visits over the last 5 years says that a decent ride count at a new-to-me park ranges from 10 to 26, averaging at 13 :) For a new park I'd be expecting to ride every cred plus the majority of dark rides, water rides and a drop tower but very few other...
  20. witchfinder

    Cookie Goes To Europe (Germany, Belgium, and France)

    Two days at Bobbejaanland also seems excessive 😆 Couldn't you nip over the border to Efteling for one of those two days? (no idea if that's allowed at the moment!)