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    Asian attractions Expo 2013 in Singapore-

    Edited for clarity - Hixee Here's the slogan for the show: Take your business to NEW HEIGHTS Conference dates: 4-7 June 2013 If anyone has any more information or finds any links, either post them here or let me (Hixee) know, and I'll include them in this post.
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    Kings Dominion next Coaster 2014 or 2015

    When add Kings Dominion your next Coaster? in 2014 or 2015. Last one in 2010 the Intamin Giga Intimidator 305 i hope for 2014 to see a new Coaster Project.. What do you think?
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    New Coaster Rumor Carowinds 2014

    A New Coaster Rumor for Carowinds postet on Screamscape. Is Carowinds installed for the 2014 saison a big Coaster Project? a B&M Wing Coaster?
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    Manufacturer News, Intamin B&M S&S and more...

    New Ride Conzepts from Intamin, the last one the 12 Inversion Coaster and the Fly rider. S&S have new Concepts with their new 4D and Free Fly Coasters. New Installations: Intamin: State Fair of Texas Tower 152m Hopi Hari 10 Inversion Cinecitta World 10 Inversion Locayoy Holiday 10 Inversion...
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    Al Zawra’a Dream Park | Unknown | Vekoma SLC

    This park will build a Vekoma Standard Suspended Looping Coaster.
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    Park Rumors

    The Fanta Wild Group plans a new Themenpark in the united arb. emirates. Wanda Group planned a Tourism Vacation District in Jinghong City. A second International Tourism Vacation District is in Dalian in the works. This park would be the largest in China. This areal built on 9,5km2. last but...
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    New Happy Valley Park

    Overseas Chinese Town Group recently started construction of Liuzhou Overseas Chinese Town in Liudong New District, Liuzhou city, in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. It is Liuzhou’s biggest tourism project with an investment of 3 billion yuan ($481 million). With a planned area of about...
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    Guangrao, China | Sun Tzu Culture Park | Theme Park

    A new Park in Guangrao will open in 2014 with a new S&S Launch Coaster in China. Link: ... 2012.shtml
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    Six Flags Malaysia? Edit - Untrue Rumour.

    US Six Flags to invest RM1.5bil in Iskandar theme park after legoland NUSAJAYA: US-based theme park operator Six Flags Entertainment Corp is planning to invest between RM1.2bil and RM1.5bil to set up a theme park in Iskandar Malaysia. Sources told StarBiz that the theme park, which will be...
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    Shandong Bingsheng Sunwu |"Unknown" | S&S Launch Coaster

    This new chinese Park will install a new S&S Launch Coaster. This report Park World Magazine. ... pdate.html
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    E-Da World Taiwan | "Unknown" | Intamin LSM Coaster

    I read in the Kirmes and Park Revue 01/2013 IAPPA 2012 that Intamin are to build a new LSM Coaster in EDA World in Taiwan. I don't have more infos Link: Kirmes und Park Revue 01/2013
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    Two new Loopingcoasters for China and a LSM for EDA World

    Intamin is very bussy. Intamin has Two new Loopingcoasters are in the works for two unnamed parks in China. and for EDA World designed a LSM Coaster. S&S Launch Coaster for the new Shandong Bingsheng Sunwu Culture Park in China.
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    Schlitterbahn Kansas City building tallest and fastest slide

    Schlitterbahn announced in November 2012 there will build a Meg-A- Blaster the tallest and fastest waterslide in the world for the 2013 season. The ride will break the record from Insano at Beach Park Fortalezza in Brasilia it stands 134,5 feet high and 65.2 miles per hour. The ride will be a...
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    Jurassic Dream | Mystic Caverns Express | Mack YoungSTAR

    A Mack Young Star Coaster opening 2013 in the new park Daging Dream City in china ... 2012.shtml
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    Mumbai to get new Themepark with the Countries largest...

    Mumbai to built a new Themepark for 2013. The park included Mumbais largest rollercoaster. Rumors said this will be a Premier Ride Coaster: The Deep Space ride announced on the IAPPA 2012. a second large rollercoaster are rumored this will be a B&M Floorless Coaster Link...
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    New rollercoasters, parks, rides etc for 2014

    This List is for attractiones, rollercoasters, new parks and rumors for 2014. Helix @ Liseberg is a 2014 Coaster Heidepark rumored coaster new park in guangrao in china with S&S Launch Coaster
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    EAS 2012 in Berlin

    What manufacturers are on the EAS 2012? And industry news
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    IAPPA 2012 in Orlando

    What manufacturers are on the IAPPA 2012? i hope news from B&M, Intamin, S&S etc. have you got more Infos?
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    New Rides, roller coasters and more for 2013

    New rollercoasters: Lagoon Cedar Point?? Kings Island?? Alton Towers Ocean Kingdom (new park) Etnaland Fun Spot Action Park New Parks: Romon World Ocean Kingdom OCT Tianjin Robotland Space Themepark MGM Studios Korea American Dream Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to built 2 new cossters and Yas...
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    Dubailand is back?

    a article at coastersandmore to report, the Dubailand Construction is back there are projects Universalstudios Dubailand, Legoland Dubailand are back more projects announced 2012 and the Dubai Adventure Studios construction stardet in Spring 2012 There are a new park in Abu Dhabi Adventure...