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  1. ThomVD

    Favourite Park Entrance

    What is your fave park entrance/entrance building? For me it's Tivoli's. It's so stunning. The detail, the lighting, the torches... It's both simple and detailed at the same time.
  2. ThomVD

    Most enduring coasters in your current top 10

    Which coasters currently in your top 10 have been in there for the longest without dropping out? I'll rank mine from most enduring to most recent: 1. Joris en de Draak - It has been in there since I've ridden 10 coasters and never left <3 Sadly, it's at #10 at the moment so it could drop out...
  3. ThomVD

    My Trip to the UK: Part 5 (Chessington)

    So I finally made it to the UK to do most of the major parks :p This trip report will be full of unpopular opinions and while there were only a few coasters that I truly loved, the UK has plenty of interesting stuff to offer. Accompanying me on this trip is CFer CookieCoasters (James). The...
  4. ThomVD

    Oscars 2017

    So the oscar nominations have been revealed. What do you guys think? I've seen most of the films on the list by now. My biggest issue is Amy Adams not getting a nomination. She had two great roles with Arrival and Nocturnal Animals, and could've been nominated for either of them. But it's not...
  5. ThomVD

    Halloween magic at Toverland

    So last year I had a small sneak peak of the halloween event of Toverland. I was quite impressed so I wanted to come back and visit it properly. This year my cousin (who is totally a goon-in-the-making), wanted to get some Toverland creds, so I decided to take him with me to this year's...
  6. ThomVD

    Movie Park Ger|Star Trek Operation Enterprise|Mack Launched

    According to Looopings, MPG wants to build a 45 meter (148 ft.) tall coaster in 2017. They haven't revealed yet which coaster type or manufacurer. They are currently trying to get permission. The coaster would be build close to the entrance. Very curious if this will become a thing. Finally a...
  7. ThomVD

    Trip Plans For 2016

    I figured it was time to make this topic as people are already planning trips for next year. So here we go. My rough plans for 2016: - UK (not sure yet which parks, but hopefully at least Alton Towers) - Spain (Madrid parks, Port Aventura and Tibidabo) - Germany (Hansa & Heide mainly) -...
  8. ThomVD

    Liseberg to remove three rides for 2016 (+ replacements)

    According to Looopings, Liseberg will remove three rides for next season. These will be both of the S&S towers and the smaller ferris wheel. The two towers are Höjdskräcken (drop tower) and Uppskjutet (shot tower). Apparently they will replace them with three new rides. Which ride types those...
  9. ThomVD

    Sweden: Part 2 - Gröna Lund

    I haven't finished my Finland report yet, but I'm currently in the mood for writing a report of this trip, probably because it's still fresh in my memory. I was actually going to save a trip to Sweden for 2016 because of Wildfire, but I decided I miss the country too much to not visit. With...
  10. ThomVD

    My trip to Finland: Part 1 (Särkänniemi)

    It's hard to write a report right after reading a really detailed report (in this case from CookieCoasters) who already put most of your thoughts into words, but I'll just give my opinions of the parks and rides here. I went to Finland recently to visit a friend. We had quite a few plans for...
  11. ThomVD

    Accident at Cedar Point; guest struck by Raptor

    Source: their Facebook page.
  12. ThomVD

    Parks with the best Steel/Wood coaster duo

    Which parks do you think have the best combination of a high quality steel coaster and a high quality woodie? While I'm not a massive fan of Balder, I think Liseberg has a really strong duo anyway, with Helix and Balder. With the opening of Junker, I would say PowerPark also has a great duo...
  13. ThomVD

    Duinrell to get a Gerstlauer Sky Fly for 2016

    It's not confirmed by the park yet, but according to Looopings the park is planning to get one. I think it would be a really solid addition to the park, especially considering there is nothing similar nearby. Source: ... -2016.html
  14. ThomVD

    Disk-O Coaster for Parc Asterix

    It is not official yet, but it will likely be the new addition to Parc Asterix; a Disk-O 'coaster'. It will be in the Greek themed area, near Tonnerre de Zeus. The name will be Discobelix. Source: ... chijf.html
  15. ThomVD

    Efteling: Baron 1898 Media Day

    Yesterday was the media day of Baron 1898 in Efteling, the new B&M dive coaster. I was invited to join and even get one of the first official rides. I was very excited, so I arrived at the park way too early. I got myself a wristband, ticket for the second row on Baron and this fab looking USB...
  16. ThomVD

    Choosing specific seats/rows on coasters

    The question is, how much do you care about which seat of a coaster train you get on. Would you go out of your way for a specific seat (front or back for example)? How much extra would you wait for your favourite row? I'm personally very picky about which row I'm in. I always try to have as...
  17. ThomVD

    Germany & Belgium: Part 7 (Rheinkirmes Düsseldorf)

    I'm doing many small trips to nearby parks in the near future, so I decided to just make a topic for all of them. These are the parks I'm planning to do soon/have already done: -Movie Park Germany -Bellewaerde -Plopsaland De Panne -Bobbejaanland -Walibi Belgium -Tripsdrill -Rheinkirmes Not...
  18. ThomVD

    New music for Speed of Sound in Walibi Holland

    Phantasialand isn't the only park changing the music of their rides. Walibi Holland has changed it too. Here it is: I hate it and thought the old one fitted much better. Hello World was so crappy and cheesy that it was fab, this one is just crap...
  19. ThomVD

    New music for six rides in Phantasialand + Refurbishment

    IMAscore has composed new music for six rides in Phantasialand. The rides are: River Quest (didn't have any music before, so yay!) Mystery Castle (not sure if I'm happy about that, but won't judge until I hear it) Talocan (will miss the old Narnia music, it fit perfectly <//3) Colorado...
  20. ThomVD

    Parks you want to visit the most

    Similar to the "Coasters you want to ride the most" thread, but then with parks. Here's my list (in order). Europe: 1. PortAventura 2. Alton Towers 3. Heide Park 4. Tivoli Gardens 5. Djurs Sommerland America: 1. Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2. Cedar Point 3. Busch Gardens Tampa 4. Dollywood 5...