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  1. Jer

    Jer goes to Canada (Pt. 2- Darien Lake)

    I just want to start of stating that if all the stars hadn't aligned perfectly as they had, this trip would never had been possible, and I'm so thankful for where my life has ended up now to make this trip, and next years trip more than just pipe dreams. Anyway, enough with that stuff, onto the...
  2. Jer

    Playland's Castaway Cove | GaleForce | S&S Triple Launched

    I only just found out about this, was anyone else aware of it? Looks interesting if only the trains werent horrible Set to open Summer 2016. Edited to embed the video (removed the s after http). - ECG
  3. Jer

    Hersheypark | Laff Trakk | Maurer Söhne Spinning Coaster They are calling it a glow coaster, the video is pretty choppy, but it looks just like a standard compact spinner.
  4. Jer

    Drink of Choice

    So we got the how often do you get drunk thread, but for those of us who enjoy the journey to getting drunk, what is your drink of Choice personally I like beer, I cant most often be seen drinking Yuengling because it's the best beer for less than $10 a six pack, since it doesn't taste like...
  5. Jer

    Jer goes to 100 (Waldameer, Seabreeze, and Cedar Point) P:TR

    So today started my trip for 2013, a short trip to Cedar Point, Waldameer and Seabreeze, this trip is important to me because I will be finally reaching my 100th cred, and I will be counting up from my current count of 82 until #100 and beyond. To be fair it really started at 9am with a...
  6. Jer

    Random Hygiene Question

    Does anyone actually give a ****, or answer truthfully to these?
  7. Jer

    Jer Likes Chocolate (Hershey & Knoebels PTR)(Day 2:Knoebels)

    Okay, so this trip has been in planning for a while with a friend who hasn't been in a while. Unfortunately after some poor planning I lost my Camera and am forced to use some old photos. So day 1 was Hershey, and my friend hasn't been in a while, and hasn't ridden Skyrush yet, but I let him...
  8. Jer

    Silver Dollar City |"Outlaw Run"| Rocky Mountain Wood There was also a news article I found on Source: This also is saying that Rattler at SFFT will be getting the Iron Horse renovation.
  9. Jer

    Jer goes to: Zombie Invasion @ Dorney Park - A PTR!

    Hello everyone for another great PTR, this trip was to replace my broken dreams this year of going to SFNE, Lake Compounce, and Canobie. Basically it was a Zombie walk at Dorney park, with the the intent of breaking a world record, this one being for Most Costumed Riders on a ride. The previous...
  10. Jer


    There was been something that has been bothering me for a long time now. As we all know intamin rocket coasters use a hydrolic powered winch and catch car to launch the ride. And the train itself has brakes to stop, but what I'm wondering is what stops the catch car? Lets use Kingda Ka as an...
  11. Jer

    Rides unsafe

    Recently there have been the 2 incidents at Six Flags, and Darien lake. and it looks like the GP have caught one and the media are deeming rides to be completely unsafe altogether. ... 19392.html ... eid=292202...
  12. Jer

    Fat Person Friendly

    Hey guys, I'm getting together with my friend tomorrow to begin planning out a trip to SFNE, Canobie, and Lame Compounce. There is one issue that will remain at hand throughout the planning, he is on the large side, requiring the 5th row seat on B&Ms, so I'm wondering about the restraints on...
  13. Jer

    Go it alone

    So this recent season i've found myself going to Gadv alone since the visits are basically free for me. Now this has me wondering, how often to people go to parks alone, because as I wander I see a lot of people in groups and very little, if any, people alone. So here is the question, do you...
  14. Jer

    Jer is lonely: A Gadv PTR

    Well so today I got off work early, around 2:00 and decided to make my first trip to Gadv this season. I had a bad case of the "I dont give a ****s" so I only got 4 rides in today. I was alone in the park hence the title, so let us begin After a grueling 30min drive to gadv I show up at the...
  15. Jer

    Has it all been done?

    Here is an interesting question i've been wondering. Do you think we have reached the limit of inversions? Have all the possibility of inversions been explored? or do you think that there are still companies out there who will think of new and creative ideas for a new inversion?
  16. Jer

    The Jer development topic! [Songbird 8/13/16]

    Hey guys I figured that if I'm back to the full swing of NL I may as well make one of these topics. So I'm going to start it off with my current new project. Focus a traveling coaster. I made this as a coaster, just a coaster, no specific brand, or build type, just a ride. Current Stats...
  17. Jer


    Yup, another coaster, and yes another launched coaster. Brutale is a unique custom motorbike with a unique first hill and a 50mph launch. I started this ride after Orange. The reason i've had to rides so close to each other, is because Quasars track work was already finished, all i needed to...
  18. Jer


    Hello CF, this is Quasar, a relatively old coaster built between Adelphia and Megalodon. This my concept for a small practical launched flying coaster. Quasar is geared towards a mid-size park looking to draw new guests with something unique. Height: 88ft Speed: 59mph Length: 1979ft...
  19. Jer

    Orange [Update: More Screens 11/9/2010]

    Time for my next ride, A B&M hyper based loosely on Nitro. Orange is 230ft tall with a top speed of around 80mph. Not to much else to say, I am a little worried of the shape of the drop, I can never seem to get it correct, any feedback on that?
  20. Jer

    Pazuzu [Download!]

    After a short loss of ideas for NL i've decided to do something simple. A GCI called Pazuzu. I havent gotten much of the layout done yet but I sitll have some screens. More later! There is a small twisted airtime hill after the drop but i haven't tested it yet so I dont know about...