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    Cookie Goes To Europe (Germany, Belgium, and France)

    So ever since F.L.Y. was announced literally a week after my first visit to Phantasialand back in 2017, I’ve been planning a return trip to the park. This kept getting pushed back as F.L.Y kept not opening, and the finalised plans in 2020 that were supposed to include a trip through the...
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    What's going on with Xishuangbanna Sunac Land?

    For those not aware, Xishuangbanna Sunac Land is a Chinese park that has a custom B&M flyer named Harpy and a large Intamin water coaster named Hydro Racer. The park is soon to turn six years old, opening in May of 2015 according to RCDB, but apparently, the place has been shut since May 2020...
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    Majaland Warsaw | Poland | Spring 2022

    This week, construction broke ground on a second Majaland indoor park in Poland, this one located close to Warsaw. The project will be in close proximity to a major shopping mall and the full investment is said to be thirty million euros, with a targeted opening in the spring of 2022. No word...
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    What's with the plank boards in between the rails on wooden coasters and what do they do?

    Often on wooden coasters, and most often CGI and Gravity Group ones from what I've seen, you come across sections where wooden planks have been placed facing forward instead of sideways in between the rails. Example (taken from's POV of Heidi. The images have been cropped so the parts...
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    How does one measure the height of a terrain coaster?

    This may sound like an obvious question, but it's one that's kinda confused me when it comes to terrain coasters. I've long assumed that a coaster's height is just measured from its tallest point relative to the ground, but how do you then measure coasters that go up the side of a...