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  1. Dubaidave

    Wonderland Closed Theme Park in Dubai

    Wonderland Dubai was the first theme park in Dubai. It has been closed for a few months and all the rides have been removed. I understand that the area will be re developed as a new theme park. I went to the park the other day and the gate was open. I took a walk around and got some photos. I...
  2. Dubaidave

    Legoland Dubai | Dubai | Theme Park

    the first coaster is up! ... -completed
  3. Dubaidave

    IMG Worlds of Adventure | Dubai | Theme Park

    The park is well underway and on Saturday the dinosaurs arrived and were driven round dubai. Here's some photos from the event
  4. Dubaidave

    European coaster record?

    Here's a question for you geeks out there. Is there a record for the most rides done in deferent countries on 48 hours? A colleague of mine is looking to do a coaster documentary and would like to try and break a record.
  5. Dubaidave

    Old Blackpool horror museum?

    Does anyone remember a horror museum that was above the German bier Keller? It had loads of Clive barker movie props with loads of hellraiser models. I think it was the early 90s when I visited. I can't seem to find any details on the web. As a dude more as a kid I remember going to the...
  6. Dubaidave

    Portable star flier!

    I'm at Dubai global village and they have the new fairground open and they have what looks like a portable star flier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Dubaidave

    Go pro filming in dark rides

    Hi. I have just got a new go pro and would like to use it to film dark rides. Does anyone have any tips? I'm a bit worried about white balance with all the lights. Also how is it best to carry the camera? I have a pistol grip that would be fine to just hold but would prefer to mount it...
  8. Dubaidave

    Trip report. Terror tower Scarborough.

    Here's my trip report from my recent visit to terror towers in Scarborough. Warning! This is a full walkthrough and contains full spoilers. It is also rather long. Enjoy. There were a steady stream of people entering the attraction thanks to the discounted two pound entry. I hung back...
  9. Dubaidave

    Ghost trains and dark rides.

    Was just thinking how I am probably as much a dark ride and ghost train freak as I am a coaster freak. Is there a diffinative website that covers dark rides ? Sort of like rcdb? I know dafe website covers that sort of thing and lews tube used to do uk rides. If not would people be interested...