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  1. Martyn B

    Is Social Media changing enthusiasts?

    Or is it just the way of the world today? Am I the only one that's sick of seeing people constantly trying to promote their dead end Facebook page? And constantly shoving YouTube vidoes in your face? Trying to get famous? It feels like the days of just going to a theme park for a day out on...
  2. Martyn B

    Blue Fire, seriously?

    Basically, I really do not get the hype that surrounds Blue Fire. At all. I know people don't exactly rate it as the world's best, but all I had heard was very, very good things about it. Yet I came off completely underwhelmed at what was possibly the worst "big" coaster I've been on. Incredibly...
  3. Martyn B

    6 New rides for Fantasy Island (UK) £3.5m investment to include 6 new family and junior rides, plus a 10 pin Bowling Alley and 18 hole multi level golf course. They've also been busy demolishing some of the market to...
  4. Martyn B

    KMG Freak Out with some awesome custom lighting

    Just seen this over on Towers Street. It's a short clip showing the custom lighting of the new KMG FREAK Out at Skegness Pleasure Beach. Stunning!! (Could someone embed it please, the brackets aren't working for me...) Done. You have to use the...
  5. Martyn B

    GYPB - Major new attraction

    Gt Yarmouth Pleasure Beach have said on Facebook that there will be an announcement tomorrow (Wednesday) for a major new attraction coming to the PB. The use of the word 'attraction' isn't filling me with joy, but you never know.
  6. Martyn B

    Parc Astèrix - New cred 2016?

    Parc Astèrix put up this on Facebook today: "SOS Numèrobis Getting back on the right track. Discover the new route from April 2nd 2016" It looks like the cred has been completely removed, meaning a new one is on it's way?
  7. Martyn B

    Nemesis - New look

    So, looks like Nemesis is going to be sporting a rustic-red paint work this season: Photos from Towers Street.
  8. Martyn B

    Pleasurewood Hills 2016

    The guys at Pleasurewood have recently put up a teaser on Facebook: Accompanied by "Biggest crane we've ever seen at PWH, early Christmas present maybe? ;) " Something worth keeping an eye on (although the teasers for 2015 ended up being Dodgems...)
  9. Martyn B

    Bat Flyer @ Lightwater Valley POV I've just found this and thought some of you may be interested to see it!
  10. Martyn B

    Fantasy Island (UK) Updates - GForce returns p5

    Thought I might as well have a topic for the UK'S Marmite park. Weirdly, since the park entered administration last year, things have been looking up, with them investing more money last winter than they have for the previous 10 years combined. That included refurbished and new paint for the...
  11. Martyn B

    Random CC Question

    So what do you guys do to your CC, say when a coaster or park changes it's name? Like, if you've ridden a coaster multiple times with different names? Or if the park changes it name. Do you keep it as it originally appeared on your count or do you change it accordingly? Also, (let's use Disney...
  12. Martyn B

    Terra Mitica 2016

    2016 will see a new hotel and ride for Terra Mitica. The ride is going to be 80m tall! My money would be on a Star Flyer.
  13. Martyn B

    Parc Du Bocasse - New coaster 2016

    A little unknown park in the north-west of France have started to advertise on their Facebook page that they're adding a new coaster for next year. Could well be worth keeping an eye on... and it looks to be within driving distance of Calais for a day...
  14. Martyn B

    New Gerstlauer Family Coaster - Belantis Looks funky. And I like how Gerst are learning their lessons with the Smilers track issue ;)
  15. Martyn B

    Two New Coasters for Ferrari World

    According to RCDB, Ferrari World will open 2 new coasters next year (a quick search on here came up with nowt). One will be some form of an Intamin Shuttle coaster, but other, named Flying Aces, is supposedly featuring the worlds steepest drop. First thought, El Loco? Think again, it's also...
  16. Martyn B

    New home for Knightmare?

    Just spotted this over on Towers Street: ... 109/page-6 The Pleasureland Southport owner is looking to get Knightmare relocated to the small seaside park. Given that they used to house an SLC, I can't see Knightmare being a problem. He is certainly...
  17. Martyn B

    GYPB 2015 - New spinning coaster....

    GYPB have confirmed on their website that there will be two new rides for this year! No word on what they are yet, but it's been said that last year they were after a giant wheel, so that's a possibility. Also, it appears that they may have removed their Disk'O, or sent it away for...
  18. Martyn B

    Brean "Theme" Park

    The new owners of Brean are re-branding the "fun city" as Brean Theme Park... :? And they're bringing in 3 new attractions for this year. A Disk'O, Star Flyer and a Circus. Oh, and they've also abolished their stupid pricing system where you needed to buy two...
  19. Martyn B

    Pleasurewood Hills 2015

    The park uploaded this to their Facebook page, anyone have any idea what it is?
  20. Martyn B

    Rocky Mountain Construction to build in Sweden - 2016

    Is there really not a topic for this already? Amusement park Kolmården (Norrköping, Östergötland, Sweden), are to build Wildfire, a 187ft, 70mph Rocky Mountian Construction "wooden" coaster, with 3 inversions. Nice to finally see a European RMC ;)