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  1. Nic

    GhosterForce XII Trip Reports

    Tell us all about your weekend! What were your highlights and lowlights? What was your favourite in-joke? What was your favourite chinese whisper and/or surname rhyme? How many glowsticks did you manage to cover yourself with at CWoA?
  2. Nic

    Dismaland 29th August

    If theme parks are about escaping reality and (for the most part) forgetting the bad things in life, then Dismaland is about presenting the exact opposite. The Anti Theme Park, if you will. Whilst I don’t subscribe to Banksy’s theory that “Theme parks should have bigger themes” it is interesting...
  3. Nic

    Dreamland Expo

    On Sunday 2nd November, I took a trip to the Dreamland Expo in Margate. The exhibition takes place in the newly appointed "Visitor & Learning Arcade", housed in the original cinema building on the seafront. It's aim is to allow people to reminisce about the park's past, whilst also giving...
  4. Nic

    Crealy Devon to go solar?

    Devon's Crealy park have submitted pans to build solar panels in an adjacent field to help power the park. Planning application: ... B7KGHG6800
  5. Nic

    Not so hot trip to the Pier

    Male Jordan was down for a Uni open day, and had a spare hour, so we popped to the Pier. If you look closely, you can see the impact the recent storms have had on the beach Jordan wanted to ride Turbo, so we went to check how many tokens it is, and realised it was closed. Don't beast...
  6. Nic

    Edinburgh Starflyer incident

    This is the typically restrained (!) front page story on today's Metro. Part of a seat from a Starflyer at a fair in Edinburgh broke off whilst the ride was in motion. A woman was terrified. Nobody was hurt. The ride re-opened later. Meh. ... t-4233211/
  7. Nic

    Thunder Dolphin re-opens

    Bit late to the party, but Thunder Dolphin at La Qua in Tokyo re-opened to the public on 1st August 2013. The Intamin Mega is the world's 9th tallest coaster, and one of Japan's most iconic, passing through a hole in a building, and the centre of a Feris wheel. The ride had been closed since a...
  8. Nic

    Incident on Rip Ride Rockit

    An incident occurred on Rip Ride Rockit on Thursday, leaving a woman with minor injuries. She was treated by on site medics and returned to the park shortly afterwards. Whilst no details have been released, the ride was closed down for safety investigations following the incident. The coaster...
  9. Nic

    Stolen park mascot costume returned

    Poor Wonder Bear! ... 55551.html
  10. Nic

    ORP wedding proposal

    A man has used an ORP taken on Millennium Force at Cedar Point to propose to his girlfriend ... 36773.html
  11. Nic

    Theme Park planned at airport near Melbourne

    Operators of Avalon Airport and leaders from nearby town Geelong are to approach theme park operators about building a park on airport grounds. The plans would form part of a retail and entertainment complex at the airport, which is 55km south-west of Melbourne...
  12. Nic

    Medicinal Marajuana refused at La Ronde

    I can't believe she was so surprised. Mind you, I guess she'd usually be too stoned to care. ... 374697692/
  13. Nic

    Ministers give green light to park in Cyprus ... /id=008960
  14. Nic

    Genting SkyWorlds | Malaysia | Theme Park

    Genting Highland in Malaysia is expected to announce that their outdoor theme park will close on 1st September, and won't re-open until at least 2015. Two of the park's rides have already been closed since 1st July. The closure will allow the park to undergo a major facelift, possibly to include...
  15. Nic

    Crap "celebrity" theme park "stories"

    So, I thought we had a generic thread for these celebrity-non-entity "news" stories, but I might've imagined that because I can't find it. So anyway, here's a new one. In a dubious, thinly-veiled advert for the park, Birmingham Mail excitedly report that Alicia Keys was recently "spotted"...
  16. Nic

    Amusement park crushed into a cube in the name of art

    The latest work by Australian artist James Dive sees an "entire amusement park" crushed into a 4-metre cube. The piece, entitled 'Once', is a comment on the preciousness of childhood memories. An industrial crusher was used to create the work, which includes dodgems, carousel horses, food...
  17. Nic

    BBC & Sega create Orbi - Natural World Theme Park

    Orbi, Yokohama, Japan A new collaboration has been announced between the BBC and Sega. Orbi is described as a Multi-sensory Theme Park. The aim is to allow visitors to experience the natrual world and the Earth's varied wildlife through the use of cutting-edge technology. The BBC has provided...
  18. Nic

    RCT franchise to be auctioned off

    Bankrupt games company Atari have failed to find a buyer for the company as a whole so will now auction off individual assets. RCT is among a list of titles that will go under the hammer. Bidding will open with a minimum starting price of $3.5 million.
  19. Nic

    SimCity Amusement Park Pack revealed

    The announcement was leaked late last week when a digital shop accidentally added it to their virtual shelves too early. EA were quick to confirm the pack, announcing a release date of 28th May. This video looks at the leaked info from the pov of a hardcore SimCity player...
  20. Nic

    Liseberg offends Greek hoteliers

    Liseberg's latest ad campaign has angered tourism officials on the other side of Europe. The campaign features pictures of crying children with phrases such as "Some children will have to go to Crete / Mallorca / Italy this summer". An association of hoteliers in Crete have sent a letter of...