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  1. FarleyFlavors

    Are the seats on Colossus particularly small?

    I was forced to do The Walk of Shame yesterday :( Okay, I could do with losing several pounds, but the thing is that I've been exactly the same size and weight for several years. In that time I must have ridden 200+ coasters and the only one I couldn't fit into was a tiny kiddie cred. But when...
  2. FarleyFlavors

    Big One evacuated

    Badly worded heading from LancsLive... Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach breaks near the top down forcing people to climb down
  3. FarleyFlavors

    Thorpe Park 19th April 2021

    Sixteen months since I was last on a coaster! Had to put that right on the first day that my Merlin Discovery pass was usable. Arrived for 0945. Not nearly as quiet as expected with a load of kids who should theoretically have been back at school. There was no sign of Stealth testing but we...
  4. FarleyFlavors

    Bonfire night

    We moved into our current house 15 years ago. Every year at around 1930 on the Saturday closest to bonfire night, we've watched a fairly decent professional fireworks display from our bedroom window. This year I finally got around to having a look at Google maps to try and figure out where the...