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    The next major project to be announced/discovered ?

    Hey guys, Unlike the previous years which average at maybe one major announcement/discovery per month, for obvious reasons it's been a while there hasn't been any exciting project announcement/discovery for months. In fact there hasn't been any since the 15th of april which is the SFMM Jersey...
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    These rides which need a soulmate

    After the completion of Mystic in Walibi Rhônes Alpes, I couldn't help thinking that the whole park itself eventually reached its completion and everything else will just make it compete with bigger parks. It feels like 2 top quality coasters is the magic number. When there was only the gravity...
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    Most cost efficient coasters for parks

    We've noticed how more or less lately some regional parks put themselves in competition with bigger ones with very cost effective roller coasters procuring good sensations. Height or speed is not always the only thrilling factor. Gravity group for example makes pretty low cost miniature wooden...
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    Six Flags Texas & SeaWorld

    Hello, Has any one ever been to one of those parks during Christmas Break ? I'm hesitating to plan a trip there but the schedules are a bit strange, like being very very short (like 5pm -10pm ?) ... Is it usually busy ? Do they open all the rides ? Is it a good idea ? Thank you very much...