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    Last Cred Review

    During a recent trip to San Sebastian, I persuaded my other half to interrupt our Pintxos eating with a trip up Monte Igueldo to ride Montana Suiza. Behind only Wild West Mine Train @ Ocean Park (IMHO) in terms of amazing views, this 93 year old was beautiful and so much fun. Having the...
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    Your worst spite

    Haha well done autocorrect! It felt like being smited second time around I tell you!
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    Your worst spite

    Twice smited on Matterhorn bobsleds - 2 visits to the other side of the world 3 years apart and closed each time 😞
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Fairly sure this isn’t too common: Furius Baco is a brilliant ride and one of the best night rides out there. All I’ve heard is bad about this ride, it’s rough blah blah blah. It’s brilliant!
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    Worst Cred Run Ever - A little tour of the UK trying to pick up creds

    So Day 6 and off to Brean Theme (Ha! In a full on Edna Krabappel voice Ha!) Park. I mean theme park. Come on. It’s a travelling fair that doesn’t travel. Best part of £25 of a wristband is anything but good value, and on arrival to pick up the wristbands I was told that Crazy Loop wouldn’t be...
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    Worst Cred Run Ever - A little tour of the UK trying to pick up creds

    Day 5 and its off to Florida, or at least it must be as I'm sure that I saw Peppa Pig Land and we know from the advertisements that the Florida one is first in the world! Of course we went to Paulton's Park. Arriving nearly an hour after opening thanks to 2 lanes of the M25 being shut we were...
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    Worst Cred Run Ever - A little tour of the UK trying to pick up creds

    Day 4 Chessington World of Adventures Or at least half a day. Because when I came to book the tickets were from 2pm. Which would be fine until you arrive there with a full house of 100 minute plus waits. I can't help but think that somewhere in there there is a decent park, but the sheer...
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    Scare attractions & Halloween events Autumn 2021

    I'm also from Doncaster - who knew it was such a hot bed of goonery!
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    Worst Cred Run Ever - A little tour of the UK trying to pick up creds

    Day 3 Pleasurewood Hills and Adventure Island So day 3 started with a lovely trip to Pleasurewood Hills. And what a lovely park it is. Sure it caters mainly for the younger crowd. But that just means that its Vekoma Boomerang, Missile Wipeout, had next to no queue. And sure its family coasters...
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    Worst Cred Run Ever - A little tour of the UK trying to pick up creds

    That's impressive work! Sadly, and because I'm obviously glutton for punishment, I'm due to end at Oakwood. Although I've not booked tickets yet because that's an admission that I have to go and, as you say, with every day I'm hearing worse and worse things! I think secretly there's part of me...
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    Worst Cred Run Ever - A little tour of the UK trying to pick up creds

    This is a post, and probably a thread, about my little cred run around Britain, sweeping up those little parks I’ve never had the pleasure (?!?) of visiting before. The team: Me, and my 8 year old daughter, Millie. We were meant to be doing a tour from Ohio through to Virginia. At this exact...
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    Favourite roller coaster at Walt Disney World?

    Everest by some distance. In my view a criminally underrated ride. Probably followed by Big Thunder, although to be honest that, Space Mountain, RnR are pretty much interchangeable and ask me on any given day and I'll probably change my mind. I've never really thought about Space Mountain or...
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    Ride that is better during the day?

    This and the other thread seem to me to be a distinction between those coaster that rely on visuals and those that rely on forces (esp surprise forces). A good number of coasters rely on forces and trying to confuse you and they’re better at dark simply as you’re more confused, senses are...
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    CoasterForce’s Favourite Florida Rollercoasters

    Good Question. 1. Mako - great coaster. My overall number 1 2. Manta - criminally underrated - but I suppose it depends on your thoughts on flying coasters. I love them 3. SheiKra - my highlight of my BGT visit 4. Expedition Everest - surprisingly forceful and supremely rerideable 5. Revenge...
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    Glenwood Caverns | Defiance | Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter | 2022

    It could be a new world's steepest with a 122 degrees drop? You'd totally be able to tell the difference of that extra 0.5 degrees of drop over TMNT right? Right? Maybe they'll kill two birds with one stone and go for inversions record as well? Its the challenging location bit that intrigues...
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    My 100th was a slightly disappointing ride on Wicker Man. Should Biden do the right thing though and let us brits in for a late summer trip, my 8 year old should reach her 100th in kings dominion, so 305 it is. However, to do that I’d have to take one for the team and probably reach 200 in Six...
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    Alton Towers vs Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    🤷‍♀️ horses for courses - pun very much intended 1 major plus for me with BPB in fairness is that my daughter can get on everything (I think 1.32m is the highest restriction there?) whereas AT has a bunch of 1.40m rides she can't get on. She's 137cm/54 inches and I dont think there's a single...
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    Alton Towers vs Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I put Alton Towers. And to be honest its not even close. Dont get me wrong, BPB has a Icon, which I love, but alton towers beats it in pretty much every criteria I can think of. Better theming. Better rides overall. Better events. More chilled day out. No rides that feel like they want to kill...
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    Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021

    I wonder if this will open before Coast2Coaster realises they've forgotten to add it?