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  1. Alex B

    Best park on each continent?

    Sorry if this is already a thing feel free to lock it up.. For me (haven’t been outside North America so take with a grain of salt) Asia-nagashima spaland North-America-cedar point Europe-PortAventura Africa-Gold reef city Antarctica-N/A Australia-Warner bros movie world South America-Idk any...
  2. Alex B

    Rank Six Flags parks

    Personally (take this with a grain of salt) I have to go with Gadv but I haven’t been to any other six flags parks then Gadv, with that being said New England should be doable from where I live and will do this summer...I only pick Gadv because it has a strong QUALITY lineup, (magic mountain cut...
  3. Alex B

    Steel force vs magnum xl-200

    Earlier my friend and I had a disagreement about steel force or magnum I argued magnum and he said steel force so I’m posting a poll to find out who likes which tell me which and why in the comments
  4. Alex B

    What is the best coaster at six flags magic mountain?

    I haven’t been there but based on reviews and povs it’s a tie between x2 and twisted collosus
  5. Alex B

    Favorite mobile game?

    My personal favorite has to be south park phone destroyer i know it old but i still enjoy it i also play roller coaster tycoon 3 and occasionally mine craft
  6. Alex B

    Universal studios vs islands of adventure

    (Requested by chriss moyer) Matchups are... Hollywood rip ride rocket vs the incredible hulk (Standout attractions) Revenge of the mummy vs hagrids magical creatures motorbike (Highly themed roller coasters) Shrek 4-d vs the simpsons ride Woody woodpeckers nuthouse coaster vs flight of...
  7. Alex B

    Kings island vs kings dominion

    Match-ups are mystic timbers vs twisted timbers Vortex vs anaconda the racer vs racer 75 The beast vs grizzly Odd match-ups Dominator vs banshee (good B&M's) Diamondback vs I-305 (stand out rides)
  8. Alex B

    Great adventure vs Magic mountain competition for best 6 flags park

    Matchups are NItro vs goliath Kingda ka vs superman El toro vs Twisted collosus the joker vs X2 Bizzaro vs scream Runaway mine train vs gold rusher Green lantern vs riddlers revenge Superman vs Tatsu Zumanjaro vs lex luther (pretending its around and if u want u can ignore this) Great...
  9. Alex B

    Least favorite coaster you have ridden?

    MIne is either rougarou or corkscrew
  10. Alex B

    Six flags vs Cedar fair

    Match-ups for parks are based on where they rank in terms of favorites for the chain, individual based off best in the chain Magic mountain vs cedar point Great adventure vs kings island Great america vs kings dominion Fiesta texas vs knot's berry farm Over texas vs canadas wonderland Great...
  11. Alex B

    Would you rather have an intamin prefab or RMC?

    I’d personally prefer intamin prefab but note I’ve only this is based off toro vs Steve since the only prefab I’ve done is toro and steve is my only RMC
  12. Alex B

    Best kiddie coaster/family coaster?

    My favorite (I haven’t ridden but hear amazing things) is firechaser express @ Dollywood and if this for some reason is the second best kiddie coaster poll feel free to pick it up
  13. Alex B

    What is your favorite vekoma?

    My current favorite vekoma is expedition Everest because of the awesome theming but the top gun and firestorm/enigma models in Europe and Asia look cool
  14. Alex B

    Your least favorite non slc or boomerang vekoma

    Vekoma is more then slcs and boomerang
  15. Alex B

    Rank your visited Merlin parks

    Again I post this every time I apologize if this is already a thing
  16. Alex B

    Rank Togo’s operating and defunct roller coaster

    Togo is often considered bad outside of Japan but you can include Japan if you’d like.
  17. Alex B

    Europe vs Japan coasters

    Matchups are: Europa park vs nagashima spaland Hyperion vs thunder dolphin Kärnan vs takaisha Zadra vs hakugei Shambahla vs Hollywood backdrop
  18. Alex B

    Usa vs Japan

    Matchups are : Maverick vs dododonpa Fury 325 vs steel dragon 2000 Steel vengeance vs hakugei X2 vs eijanaika Diamondback vs Fujiyama Thunder dolphin vs I-305 Universal studios Orlando vs Japan Magic kingdom vs Tokyodisneysea Fuji q highland vs cedar point Nagashima spaland vs six flags magic...
  19. Alex B

    USA vs Japan coasters

    Matchups are X2 vs eijanaika Tatsu vs flying dinosaurs Steel vengeance vs hakugei Ik this is odd but maverick vs dododonpa Fury 325 vs bandit Skyrush vs Fujiyama Cedar point vs Fuji q highland
  20. Alex B

    America vs Europe which has better coasters?

    Matchups are Shambahla vs fury 325 Maverick vs taron Montu vs nemesis Tatsu vs galactica Cedar point vs europa park Gatekeeper vs the swarm Top thrill dragster vs stealth El toro vs balder Tell me your picks below