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  1. EpochEmu

    Rate the signature

    I’ve played this game on another forum. Pretty simple, you rate the signature above you (out of 10 or whatever). So the next post will rate mine, and so on. You can post more than once too, just try not to rate the same person.
  2. EpochEmu

    Modern Vertical Lift Evacuations

    I was reading something about how hard it was for Ultra Twisters to evacuate if they got stuck on their vertical lift hill, which was a contributing factor as to why some got converted into 45 degree lifts. So I’m wondering- how do they evacuate modern vertical lifts? I found this video, but I...
  3. EpochEmu

    Best and Worst Elements

    What are some of the best and worst elements of their kind? For example, I think the best zero-g rolls are found on Wing Coasters (and some RMCs), but I find them pretty forceless on sitdowns (not that I've ridden many). Are there some elements which are amazing on one coaster, but tame on all...
  4. EpochEmu

    Rip Ride Rockit Music!

    While the ride may be rough (in my opinion), it’s definitely a fun experience to pick your own music! I chose “The Temples of Syrinx” by Rush on the “ secret” playlist, and it made for an great ride! What did you pick? EDIT: I suppose this is like The Best Rollercoaster Soundtrack thread.
  5. EpochEmu

    Inferno v Th13teen

    These two Intamin family coasters with drop tracks have similar stats (indeed; the drop tracks are the same height). I’ve ridden neither, but I’m wondering how they compare for those that have. It may come down to a matter of theming. I’m excluding Vebolten due to higher stats (and it’s just...
  6. EpochEmu

    Least talked about coasters

    First off, as Matt N might say, this may be a thread already so sorry. This thread is simple- what are the least talked about coasters which you find interesting or want to bring attention to? The other day I was browsing rcdb and Medusa: Steel Coaster popped up. I’d seen it once before, but I...
  7. EpochEmu

    Brake Run Banking

    Final brake runs usually slow you to a complete stop, or leave you with just enough speed to get to some block brakes. However, a strange feature I have noticed on some coasters is that track during or after the final brake run is banked. Two coasters in particular I have noticed it on; The...
  8. EpochEmu

    Black/grey/white out coasters

    It’s pretty much in the title; what coasters have you greyed out (etc.) on? Are there some which cause a blackout one day and are forceless the next (milf)? Are there some which guarantee a grey-out for many people and which certain people never grey-out on (i305)? Do you count how many...
  9. EpochEmu

    Coaster "mesh"

    I was wondering if any of you knew where and why coasters use this mesh on the sides on the track. I was assuming it was to catch fallen items over paths, seen here on Mako: ( ...but Galactica, which goes over many paths, dosen't have any...
  10. EpochEmu

    Fury v. Steel Dragon

    Why does Carowinds advertise Fury 325 as the longest giga, when Steel Dragon 2000 is also over 300 feet and is the longer one?
  11. EpochEmu

    Who's Ready For National Roller Coaster Day?

    Get Ready! August 16