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  1. CanobieFan

    New for 2020's* most FORGOTTEN coaster <3

    I mean, does anyone even care about most of these rides anymore? Half of them are in Florida and I *still* keep forgetting Guardians is even a thing... Or when planning a trip to San Diego that Emperor never even opened. Meh
  2. CanobieFan

    Orlando StarFlyer accident
  3. CanobieFan

    Third new (used/temp?) Coaster for Prater...

    Just added to RCDB...
  4. CanobieFan

    Rank the 'Rank the' topics

    Going back 3 pages and finding all the topics with rank in the title... only one can be the best and clearly, this one is the best. <3
  5. CanobieFan

    Tivoli Gardens replaces two coasters

    RCDB shows Tivoli Gardens is replacing both their Mack powered coaster, Odinexpressen and their Zierer Tivoli, Karavanen coaster with new models of them both. (New) Karavanen - Mælkevejen -
  6. CanobieFan

    Why..why...? SeaWorld San Diego: Skyline Space Warp

    according to this Facebook page... SeaWorld San Diego will be getting a Skyline Space Warp ride of their own, but the corkscrew model. sadness Edit - Someone else already started a topic thread: ']
  7. CanobieFan

    Canobie Lake Park: New Hampshire Expolorer (rapids ride)

    Plans for a new raft/rapids ride at Canobie Lake have been posted on the town of Salem's website! Woo Here's a very in-depth PDF on the new ride including the layout and basic theme - ... r_ride.pdf It looks like there will also be an "Adventure Trail"...
  8. CanobieFan

    Uh, First Coaster/Park per State / Country?

    Because its really fun to make long pointless lists that don't really matter in the real world!! So, uh, what was the first park and coaster you went on in each State or Country you've visited? For me it would be something along the lines of.... Austria Park - Prater Coaster - Super 8er Bahn...
  9. CanobieFan

    Rumor - Fun Spot Ameirca - Chance Hyper GT-X

    Word in from IAAPA is that Fun Spot Ameirca (Orlando I-Drive location) announced the park will be adding their very own Chance Hyper GT-X model (Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom) you know, one of these - - It was 'announced' during the private...
  10. CanobieFan

    Ulengo Center Glakeni - Angola (Who knew)

    Well, uh, Angola now has its first amusement park. Ulengo Center Glakeni in Luanda. this just showed up on RCDB - and a quick google search surprisingly shows photos of the coaster already built. Coaster Coaster and Topscan (or Topscan ripoff) Ferris Wheel yaayyy
  11. CanobieFan

    Traveler's topic: Country's favorite (park style!)

    Well, much like this topic for your favorite coaster by country (and also US State and such) I didn't see a topic for parks... So uh, lets get things go? Traveler's topic: Country's favorite park! My list would be something like this.... Austria - Wiener Prater Canada over all - Canada's...
  12. CanobieFan

    Storyland | Roar-O-Saurus | Gravity Group Woodie

    Just announced at IAAPA, Storyland in Glen, NH will be adding a Gravity Group family wood coaster. Via both IAAPA and Amusement Today's twitter feed - ... 5742032897 - The announcement was at 12:45 but not much as come out since. Yay Storyland! By far...
  13. CanobieFan

    Coasters you rode in their closing (last) season

    Based off this topic - - Rides you rode in the opening season? Anyone wanna go at a closing season list? Any coaster you rode in its last season running. My list would be something along the lines of.......... 2000 Flyer Comet -...