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    Where are you on the spectrum of park/coaster fandom ?

    Are you mostly interested in rollercoasters, or in parks in general ? It is a point that I see being brought up over and over again. Mainly when people discuss which park they prefer. One will argue park A has a better line up, another that park B has a better atmosphere or is better overall.
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    Bad tropes in the industry.

    I open this thread to collect you thoughts about widespread silly/plain bad concepts in parks, coasters and themeing. I'm wondering why is there so many car-themed roller-coasters. And who came up with the idea, seen in many such coaster narratives/queue lines, that riding a roller-coaster is...
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    Overrated parks

    From the Blue Fire hate thread, I discovered that many share my criticism toward Europa Park, which I would consider one of the blandest, least interesting park experience I can think of. I just cannot see the point of an uninspired Europe themed park placed at the freaking French-German border...
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    Best coaster by model

    What is, in your opinion, the best implementation of each coaster model ? Maybe you can post both the best one you rode, and then the one you believe to be the best overall. By model, I mean for example, Intamin Blitz, Intamin Mega, B&M inverted, B&M Hyper (this includes Fury and Leviathan)...
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    World longest airtime

    Hey ! I was recently wondering which coaster has the world's longest single airtime. I read somewhere that Shambhala's first camelback was 60m high. As no Giga have any taller airtime hill, I think this would make it the winner in the western world, but I can't be sure. Moreover, I don't know...
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    Parc Asterix new ride for 2019 (B&M flyer rumours)

    Looks like there is no thread yet for what is now one of the hottest topics on french forums. This is what we know : - Parc Asterix anounced a 100M€ investment plan for the 2017-2020 time period. Half of it being dedicated to hotels. - Parc Asterix also anounced a new big ride for the 30th...
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    Parks with the best line-ups

    This is a thread that might help people planning trips. As a newcomer to the coaster enthusiast community, it feels quite important to me. Which parks have the best roller-coaster line-ups ? The question is different that "which park is the best" as it focuses only on roller-coasters, with no...