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    Best Operated Coasters

    Fury 325 - For how big the trains are, good job. Gatekeeper - My goodness, the staff is great. And, I surprise one for me, Indiana Beach in general. For only having three staff per roller coaster, they were wicked fast. Granted, they only used 1 train, but that day wasn't busy enough to warrant...
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    Stupid things the GP have said

    Well sometimes it makes sense. For instance, saying "do you want to ride Beast" doesn't quite sound right, but if its a proper name (not generic, like Goliath, Monster, etc) like Millennium Force, thats when it annoys me.
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    Industry predictions for 2026

    But Gravity Group has been the proper continuation of CCI. GG had the same people, while GCI was more of a spinoff, as can be seen by GCI making coasteds before CCI. I do agree with you now that you mention it.
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    Industry predictions for 2026

    My 2026 Predictions: Intamin will pull ans Arrow ns go out with one final Swan Song: Their Ultimate Coaster B&Ms will begin to dwindle in their reputation, due to a lack of ride types, cheaper coaster mnuafacturers, and being cost prohibitive. Mack & Vekoma will begian to rain as king in the...
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    Industry predictions for 2026

    And S&S + Vekoma do now?
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    B&M built the trains for Psyclone at SFMM. Only woodie to have them. Wierd.

    B&M built the trains for Psyclone at SFMM. Only woodie to have them. Wierd.
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    Coasters you want to get remastered

    Complete revamp of all these Blue Streak/Ghoster Coaster/ Fairly Odd Coaster / PTC Junior Coasters. Retrack em' (like maybe some GG or GCI topper track), and some brand new PTC trains that don't want you dead. Another one would be the Family Suspended Coasters. Give them some new track, and...
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    Why do the Chinese knock off manufacturers only copy Vekoma?

    Because, Vekoma doesn't have chinese patents on their track design. B&M and Intamin do. Oh, yeah, and The double+center tube design is easier to fabricate
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    What is the plural of Wild Mouse?

    just replace coasters with death machines and your fine. (but in all honesty, the "Wild Mouse Coasters" is what I've always said).
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    Worst Cities to Drive In?

    Atlanta GA takes the cake for me. Hate driving there.
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    What's the best coaster you've seen and/or ridden?

    May not be the prettiest, but Gemini is still my favorite. Most picturesque is most definitely Diamondback or Millenium Force.
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    Who should take over what park?

    Sush! If people find out, Blackstone might merge the two property giants! Keep them seperate!
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    Drayton Manor 2018 Coaster Rumour

    Alright. I'll let it slide.
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    Drayton Manor 2018 Coaster Rumour

    Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars - Vekoma I was mistaken about Gerstlauer. Currently, Vekoma, Intamin, and Premier, are the only major manufacturers who still use LIMs.
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    Drayton Manor 2018 Coaster Rumour

    Well S&S doesn't, the never have. Vekoma and Gerstlauer though, they still do.
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    Drayton Manor 2018 Coaster Rumour

    Not quite true. They are still cheaper and have a faster acceleration. Granted they aren't used as much, but they till can be installed.
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    Notable Deaths 2016

    Apex Parks Group CEO Al Weber Jr, (he used to run Six Flags & the Paramount Parks, then Indiana Beach), age 64, dies of currently non-public causes.
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    Medium Rare to Medium with a great seasoning and no sauce.
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    Coke V.S Pepsi

    Dr. Pepper. Oh you want a cola? Royal Crown.