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  1. Jaiden M.

    Most impressive No Limits 2 coaster out there?

    I'm not sure how popular NL2 is among CF, but I think this is a must watch video: Any other impressive NL2 rides y'all have seen or built?
  2. Jaiden M.

    Rank the Christopher Nolan movies

    I can't get enough of these movies! 10/10 -The Dark Knight -Inception Incredible -Memento -The Prestige -Interstellar Great -Batman Begins -The Dark Knight Rises -Dunkirk Haven't Seen -Following -Insomnia
  3. Jaiden M.

    Best Coaster News Websites

    What are your favorite coaster news sites? My personal favorite is blooloop but I don't know about many others.
  4. Jaiden M.

    Most airtime you've experienced on one hill

    What's the most intense/craziest airtime you've experienced on one hill? For me, it's the first big hill after the drop on Twisted Colossus.
  5. Jaiden M.

    Dorney Park removes Stinger

    Dorney Park recently announced the removal of Stinger, their 2012 relocated from California's Great America Vekoma Invertigo. Since this is right next to Dinosaurs Alive which will be removed in the next few years could we finally see a GCI? If not, some kind of compact coaster in the spot of...
  6. Jaiden M.

    Walibi Rhône-Alpes | Mystic | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Just saw this on rcdb, Anyone know about any official announcement?
  7. Jaiden M.

    Rough Kiddie Coasters

    From my experience, the roughest kiddie coasters I've been on are easily Zamperla Family Gravity Coaster 80STD. Based on reviews of other installations I guess I'm not alone.
  8. Jaiden M.

    Coaster "Magic Seats"

    It seems almost every coaster out there has a so-called magic seat. With the limited amount of coasters I've personally been on, I'd love to hear and see what the magic seats are on coasters in Europe, Asia, and basically everywhere outside California. For example, Medusa SFDK's best seat is...