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  1. CanobieFan

    25-state, 40-park, month-and-a-half, post-pandemic extravaganza

    loovvveeeed me some Bear World! haha. Also, never thought about most 'remote' credit before, got the old coaster they had, I'll need to go back for the spinner <3
  2. CanobieFan

    How much time should I plan to spend at Luna Park (NY) and Deno's Wonder Wheel?

    is Cyclone even on the ride pass? Last time I went (only time I've gone post Astroland) I didn't think it was on the pass, you still needed a ticket for it, sold at the coaster itself. I thought Luna just ran the ride for the city but still treated it as an independent ride.
  3. CanobieFan

    How much time should I plan to spend at Luna Park (NY) and Deno's Wonder Wheel?

    Just remember that Luna and Deno are different operators so you'll need different tickets/credits for each. Deno is def more geared towered little kids and kiddie rides. Luna has more adult rides but nothing really, really stand out... If you're a flat ride snob.
  4. CanobieFan

    Biggest Disappointment...

    Yes, I normally don't care for Zamp rides (outside of like, the Power Surge?) but their giant/giga Frisbee is better than the Intamin (only done Mael) Huss (CP) and Mondial (Terra, CanWon, KD) I was shocked how good the cycle on the Kennywood Zamp was and SFNE's has always been really good too...
  5. CanobieFan

    How much time should I plan to spend at Luna Park (NY) and Deno's Wonder Wheel?

    maybe an hour at each? Depending on what you wanna do, if you *only* want credits, maybe less.... But it would be a shame to miss the Wonder Wheel itself and Deno had a neat dark ride (but I think it got trashed from one of the hurricane's and I'm not sure how the new version is, its been a few...
  6. CanobieFan

    CoasterForce’s Favourite Dutch Rollercoasters

    With a grand total of three ridden Dutch coasters, my sad list is........ Troy Toverland 😬 (Gap) 😬 Booster Bike Toverland Toos Express Toverland
  7. CanobieFan

    Your Coaster Hypothesis/Theory!

    Me, over here.... patiently awaiting the SeaWorld Orlando B&M Giga
  8. CanobieFan

    25-state, 40-park, month-and-a-half, post-pandemic extravaganza

    Lakeside is the jaammm!
  9. CanobieFan

    Oriental Neverland Phase 2 | Shaoxing China | Theme Park

    Now can an we just get an off-ride video with both trains going through the heartline simultaneously?
  10. CanobieFan

    Is Mystic Timbers a clone or near-clone of Prowler?

    Lol. Someone saw my spoiler in the trip report, eh? I wouldn't call them clones but I would say....spiritual successor. Timbers is definitely inspired by Prowler.
  11. CanobieFan

    25-state, 40-park, month-and-a-half, post-pandemic extravaganza

    ....and 8 years later, it was.
  12. CanobieFan

    Do you ever regret becoming a theme park enthusiast? Are there cons to this hobby?

    Long rambling post! For as into this as I am, especially online, I'm actually really private about it in person unless I'm around other enthusiasts and even then I'm pretty shy and awkward about it. If people ask me, I'll talk about it... but I rarely bring it up. I remember after being on Bert...
  13. CanobieFan

    Has anyone been to Elitch Gardens? [FIRST THREAD]

    Uh, I guess Sidewinder or Twister. I'd rather just go back to Lakeside.
  14. CanobieFan

    25-state, 40-park, month-and-a-half, post-pandemic extravaganza

    I wonder if Rampage is hit-or-miss, I visited last summer and was shocked at how good the ride was, considering its long history of being SBNO. I felt it lived up to most of the hype, not in my top 10 but still a fantastic ride at an otherwise crap park.
  15. CanobieFan

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas | Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger | B&M Dive Coaster | 2022

    The reddit photo shows the top most part of a No Limits clone of the SkyRocket2 model cropped ever-so-tight to barely show anything but part of the ride and the top of a Six Flags logo. I'm betting its a troll and I hope the red/yellow look is a joke as well, since they already have an amazing...
  16. CanobieFan

    Oblivion - Misleading “Drop” Stats?

    And Hyper Sonic XLC opened months before that Annddd are we gonna discredit both Mr. Freeze coasters because they're shuttles? Superman the Escape?
  17. CanobieFan

    Flash pass ?s.

    If you're talking about the flash pass at Six Flags parks? You can buy as many as you want. If you really wanted to you could buy like 10 per person... they're not gonna turn away money