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    Parks with the best defunct ride line-ups?

    Have you ever wondered what a park would be like if it's current line-up was swapped with it's defunct rides? If this were to happen to every park, which ones would have the best line-up of attractions? *Closed parks do not count* Probably not the best, but I'd say Six Flags Great America...
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    Photo TR: Contracting Hypothermia at SFGAm! (11/19/2017)

    I went to SFGAm yesterday (November 19th) for the final day of the season. It's hard to believe how fast it went by, feels like just yesterday we were still waiting for pictures of the Joker construction… All good things must come to an end I guess... It was weird driving to the park and seeing...
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    Mt. Olympus (8/9/2017) PTR

    I originally was considering taking a trip up to the Wisconsin State Fair, but when I found out tickets for Mt. Olympus were only $3 (Limited time promotion) I couldn't resist, despite the reputation of the park. I actually don't think it's as bad as people say. Here's my "Pros and Cons list"...
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    Photo TR: Six Flags St. Louis (June 13th and 14th)

    After 5 years of wanting to visit, I finally hit up SFSTL this week. Compared to my homepark, SFGAm, it is quite a bit smaller and has more of an old-timey feel to it. Another thing is that the place was pretty much dead both days, with every coaster either being a station wait or a walk-on...
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    SFGAm 4/15/17 - Preview Weekend

    I went to the park yesterday (Saturday) for preview weekend, and I had a pretty good time. I thought it would be excessively crowded due to the stunning weather (It was 81 at one point in the day I believe) and the bring a friend for $9.99 deal, but it was only like a normal July day. I'd say...
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    Ride you have been on that's been gone the longest

    This topic is pretty simple What ride have you been on that's been gone the longest out of all of the defunct rides you've ridden? For me, it's either SFGAM's Trailblazer (Closed 2006) or SFGAM's Splashwater Falls (Closed 2007) I MIGHT have ridden Trailblazer, but there's a bigger chance...