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  1. Slamming Coastercore

    Which elements do you consider to be traditional?

    Tradition. It’s a funny thing isn’t it? From portable flat rides at Alton Towers to cauliflower at Christmas; the line between what is and isn’t traditional exists in a weird space of subjective blurriness. As the coaster community is already very aware (Seeing loads of posts about it even on...
  2. Slamming Coastercore

    Ice rooms in theme parks

    It might not be in the right topic for this thread, so feel free to move it if necessary. I seem to remember seeing "ice rooms" featured in some vlogs, but I can't remember for the life of me which parks they were in. Which parks do you know of that have ice rooms? And which is your favourite...
  3. Slamming Coastercore

    What is the most surprising airtime moment you’ve experienced in your enthusiast career?

    As enthusiasts, we can see where airtime should be. We look at those beautiful hills and hope for violent ejection or blissful floater, satisfying the negative G force addiction many of us have. Often these deliver exactly how we want but also similarly they have the ability to disappoint and be...
  4. Slamming Coastercore

    An enchanting weekend in Gothenburg: The Liseberg Confessional

    The Liseberg Confessional So this is report of my trip to Gothenburg at the weekend (yes I am still working on the Ghosterforce one, it’s just very big haha). There are some photos, but not many, so apologies for that too). Those of you that may remember my report from Liseberg earlier this...
  5. Slamming Coastercore

    Solo Sweden (May 2019)

    After starting my coaster enthusiasm somewhat officially about a 18 months ago (where I started actually going on dedicated theme park trips abroad) I decided that Sweden was just something I had to do. After getting on Icon (and loving it); the idea of a souped-up Mack Launcher in the form of...
  6. Slamming Coastercore

    Speed Dragoz: La Luge Des Carroz

    Hi guys, not totally sure if this is the right place to do this, but I believe I’ve found a new Alpine Coaster! I go skiing for a long weekend with the family one a year and this year we’ve decided to go to Les Marillons in the French Alpes for the second year in a row. One of the ski runs takes...