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  1. Intamin to Win

    What are your favorite “clone/basic” coaster models?

    “Clones”, as I’m sure you can guess, means in this case a model of coaster that has been rebuilt in the exact same way multiple times. If at least two of them exist, and their layouts are identical, then it counts. “Mirrored” coaster clones are fine (ie Wonder Woman + Railblazer) assuming the...
  2. Intamin to Win

    How do you deal with your “loose articles”?

    I posit this question because at a recent visit to Cedar Point, fod the first time, I just left every single thing in the car and went. I put money in my shoes, and besides the extra glasses strap in my pocket, sauntered in. It seemed to make the day a lot easier, not having to deal with pesky...