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  1. Steven

    Im off to Japan to help out 18-24th April

    So as the title says I will be off to Japan for 6 days to help out over there in any way I can. At the moment the organiser Akemi is in contact with the Japanese Red Rross so we can do a bit of fundrasing before and after this trip. This is a quote off the volunteer Facebook page more is...
  2. Steven

    For Ian

    So do you button your last top button up? :lol: cool)
  3. Steven

    Further Education Funding Help

    Found out today government has officially pulled funding for the course I will be doing this year when I am 19. :evil: It is a further education, college course. Therefore I need to somehow find £6,500 ish or do not do the course. Does any one know what I could be eligible for? Any help...
  4. Steven

    Which mobile network is the best?

    So simple which is the one you would choose? I have the 5 top ones here. I have picked these based on number of customers, network, 3g coverage, ease of access to dedicated shop, reviews, deals on and website. _______________________________________________________________ My...
  5. Steven

    Disney Calafornia Adventure Additions For 2010, 2011, 2012

    I have visited the Blue Sky Celler (SP?) without my camera but I will be going back to get all the photos and juicy details I can get. They add more as they know and I will get construction site photos which I must say will be great. However go to this url which is the official site for all...
  6. Steven

    London Tommrow

    Yep I will be in London if anyone wants to meet. Make yourself known on here and ill PM you the details by 10pm or in the morning.
  7. Steven


    Im going to post over time all the weird and wonderful food I cook here and instruction on how to create the master pieces here. Also I will tell you where I got the inspiration from. Bottom's Breakfast Fry Up My inspiration came when watching bottom here is a screen shot. Here We Go...
  8. Steven

    Loggers Metal Pole Breakage. Sun. 17th Question.

    Loggers Leap Repair Sunday 17th. Ok a boat was about to enter the station but low and behold it some how got caught on the metal bars . Like the ones above water in this pic. It proceeded to rip off one pole and bend another before getting stuck. The mechanics took away the one small...
  9. Steven

    Thorpe is MORE expensive than Brighton Peir FACT.

    On Friday the 3rd of April here are the ride count lists in a day starting at 10am. Dad Queue at entrance 1 hour+ for tickets. 10 min queue to argue fast track not going on SAW and the fact SAW is running low capacity all day. :evil: 3 hours yes thats 3 hours and 10 minuets plus three...
  10. Steven


    Something thats been bugging me awhile now is... What system of radio contact do Theme Parks use between the "hub" and the engineers?
  11. Steven

    20% Off Merlin Annual Pass till 30th March

    Merlin Annual Pass 20% off BEFORE 30 march online.[/url]
  12. Steven

    Hard Rock Park Opening

    Any news since the take over if this park is going to reopen, if so when? The website states stay tuned reopening in 2009. To be honest would they not have released that information by now?
  13. Steven

    Moutain Dew Hits Asda!!

    I am Please to announce certain Asda stores have started to stock mountain dew. :--D Hopefully all stores will get it in time to come.
  14. Steven

    Nürburgring | Ring°Racer | S&S Compressed Air Launch

    I came across this link in a comment. Now surely there has to be big news as it is the parks FIRST coaster according to RCDB and will be a world record holder. Now im excited as it is in europe. All I can find is this; ...
  15. Steven

    Shoddy Brighton Peir

    There I said it after a long time I said it. Super booster broken of three weeks needing a new part. (1 week left) Hunted Hotel Ride construction delayed indefinably, until complete (looks like a couple of weeks. Booster running on and off. Turbo having constant problems with brakes...