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  1. Luxornv

    Wild Waves and Silverwood - July 2013

    I was out in Seattle on business, and decided a Pacific northwest coaster trip would be a good idea. I was able to squeeze in Wild Waves (Federal Way, WA, 20 min south of Seattle) during the week after my work obligations. I wasn't able to take any pictures there due to a lack of time. That...
  2. Luxornv

    Weather Guarantee being tested at SFNE

    I saw this linked from the ACE Facebook page: ... antee.html I don't think this will work out. I suppose it would work for people who are close to the park and can easily make it back there if the day they do happen to experience a rain out. However...
  3. Luxornv

    NHL Lockout 2012

    I wanted to see how many other hockey fans are here, and how they are dealing with the lockout. Not much to say about this, games have already been cancelled, and I'm extremely disappointed as a fan. This just seems ridiculous that they have to do this. This makes 3 of the big 4 sports to be...
  4. Luxornv

    Kings Island Aug 23-25 2012 (Pictures Added)

    We rolled into Cincinnati around 3pm local time. We chose to go to the park this day under the Starlight admission, but would have to wait until 4. In the meantime, we checked into our hotel, the Best Western Mason Inn. After a break from the drive, we then headed back out to Kings Island. I’ve...
  5. Luxornv

    X-Flight Season Pass holders's Preview (May 13th, 2012

    I previously wrote this after I returned home from my visit and realized I used a lot of time sensitive words which no longer apply. As a season pass holder at SFGAm, I decided to take advantage of the pass holder preview day today. I figured this would be the least frustrating time to ride it...
  6. Luxornv

    Dollywood - March 24-25th 2012 Feat. Opening of Wild Eagle

    I decided to post a few of my recent trip reports from RCPro, considering those are about to be lost and I have a new audience now. Wall of text ensues; skip to the 3rd paragraph if you want to read about the park. The addition of Wild Eagle, plus their small but respectable coaster...