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  1. thecraneguy

    Indiana Funland (RCT3)

    Another park has gone under the TY Amusements Company's knife. Indiana FunLand.
  2. thecraneguy

    Reese's Cupfusion: New for 2019 at Hersheypark! I have no words.
  3. thecraneguy

    (RCT3) The Winsconsin Adventure (Collab with RollingCoasting)

    Coming soon... :emoji_eyes: (credit goes to RollingCoasting for this track) WINSCONSIN ADVENTURE OPENING DAY RIDES: Hurricane (From SFCK, opens 2004) Riptide (Huss Top Spin, opens 2004) Stampede (Premier Mr Freeze, opens 2004) Predator (From Calico Lake, opens 2004) Tornado Twister (Arrow Multi...