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  1. Beans

    Accident at Disneyland Paris

    Just seen this post on Facebook from the park Don't think I can see it elsewhere. Disneyland® Paris We are deeply saddened by the accident that took place this afternoon in Pirates of the Caribbean. Our emergency teams were immediately on the scene to provide first aid to the 5-yaear old...
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    Not sure if this is for the News topic but here goes, a friend has sent this link to me as it is proposed to be a new Coaster in Las Vegas... What do you think.. ... p=features
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    X goes forward

    Taken from Thorpe Park Ofiicial Are you ready to ride on a wave of light and sound as you experience the evolution of X:\ No Way Out? X has been renamed and is heading in a new direction in 2013 as it challenges adrenaline seekers to face a rollercoaster experience like no other at Thorpe...
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    Fairground owner in court after 12-year-old falls from ride

    I cannot find this anywhere after looking through pages back to last July when acctuall incident happened. ... airgrounds
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    Disneyland Paris Feb 18th to 21st 2013

    Disneyland Paris 18th to 21st February 2013 Day 1 We left home at 04:00 hours early Monday morning, headed for Folkestone to catch the 07:50 Shuttle crossing, this journey was clear and no probs, in fact we arrived a bit early for our crossing, and in error ended up in wrong queue for 07:20...
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    Rally Driving Experience at Brands Hatch.

    For my 50th Birthday I asked for a Rally Driving Experience and I choose Brands Hatch at the location (everyone knows Brands hatch). I registered and they said I could buy and extra Experience for £39, and this was to drive the Palmer Jaguar JP-LM, and OMG was that a ride, the chap(Tony) said...
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    Alton Towers forced to close

    Merlin Annual Pass - OFFICIAL The extraordinary weather that has hit the Staffordshire Moorlands today has forced the closure of the Alton Towers Resort Theme Park at approximately 11.20am this morning. This is an almost unprecedented action and not one the Resort has taken lightly. However...
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    Light Aircraft lands on Ferris Wheel

    Okay not the way to park a light Aircraft.... ... ection=nsw
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    Mull Rally Trip October 2010

    October 5th this year I went to the Isle of Mull, mainly for the Mull Rally 2010, but also the scenery. I have been a fan of Rallying since I can remember but have never had the chance to watch it live, so this year I did, such a rush watching all those cars racing around the Island both day and...
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    Alton Towers for Fireworks 5th and 6th November

    We went to Alton for the fireworks this year, travelled up to Alton on Friday and even with all the traffic hold ups on the way managed to get to Tower Street with 10 mins to spare (they put us in the Hotel Car Park as well)for that nights display, and well worth the hassle of the traffic it...
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    Dunsfold Wings and Wheels

    Dunsfold Wings and Wheels is somewhere I go every year, this year was the first sunny day we had done for years Because the previous day was a washout most of the car displays had gone but the plane were there and looked glorious in the sun and Leigh and I had a very good afternoon, was more...
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    Dreamland Margate

    Heard this on Meridan News this morning about Dreamland Margate ... sion06362/
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    Shoreham Airshow 2009

    Every year I help marshall communications for Shoreham Airshow West Sussex. It does give me an opportunity to spend 2 days at the airshow and between shifts on radio get the chance to take photos, this year the weather was great and had the chance to try out my new camera. Although the Red...
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    Chessie Closed 26th August

    Just had this from Annual Pass Chessington Closed: Wednesday 26th August Following a power failure on the afternoon of Tuesday August 25, Chessington World of Adventures and Zoo, will be closed for maintenance for one day only - Wednesday 26th August. The Park would like to apologise...
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    Yes we have been to Thorpe yet again

    We had a good day. Started with Inferno, start with best 1st, and our luck was in, as they let us in Park 5 mins early, nobody went to Inferno and we go front row, whole train to ourselves and this x3 as nobody turned up, and only running one train we thought this was good. Next we did...
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    Wey and Arun Canal

    For the last 3 years I have been a member of the Wey and Arun Canal, mainly visiting Loxwood West Sussex. In 1970 the trust was formed to restore as much as they possibly could of the Wey and Arun Canal from Shalford Nr Guildford Surrey to just north of...
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    This made me laugh

    This pic was sent today to me by my cousin in Canada. Had me in stitches. Have you got any other similar pics that could cheer us all up Called Flasher (Edited and moved here)