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  1. caffeine_demon

    What do you think of polls with an obvious flaw?

    as the title says - "what do you think of polls with an obvious flaw?"
  2. caffeine_demon

    Fave park merch.

    The natural follow up to the disappointing merch thread. Some of mine: The good hefty square based shot glass from thorpe park - sadly disappeared during a move, think it was of Stealth. A bottle opener from IMG worlds. (UAE parks had decent merch!) Six flags New England had a great batman...
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    Notable Deaths 2018

    Thought I might as well start the grizzly thread for this year. anyway - Dolores O'Riodan of the Cranberries
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    Worst Value parks

    As the title says - what are your picks for the parks with the worst "rides&quality/entry price" figures? I'll start with LEGOLAND in Dubai. ride /attraction line up: - awful kiddie coaster - Almost as bad family coaster (albeit with a reasonable dark ride section) - a rather dull shooty dark...
  5. caffeine_demon

    UAE 2017 - Part 6 - waterparks

    So - last month I spent just over a week in Dubai - 5 days with the ECC and 3 extra days, and lots of theme park fun was had. Day 1 - Legoland and Bollywood park First park of the trip was legoland dubai, we kicked off with an ers on the dragon coaster (ooh!) - even though it was a saturday...
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    What's your "Cre-Ho"tient?

    So - on a scale of 1-10, how much of a cre-ho are you? I'd probably give myself about 6-7. On the "plus" side - I do count I have a number of kiddy creds and +1s in my count I do of course plan trips for just theme parks I count alpine coasters and relocations I have some other dubious creds...
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    How could Derren Brown's Ghost train at Thorpe be improved?

    Obviously, DBGT has had a lot of negative reviews, so what would you do to improve the ride? Personally, I think that the VR idea on this type of ride does have some potential. and I think the experience itself is actually ok until the end of the first vr sequence - when they hurry you out of...
  8. caffeine_demon

    Your Volare count

    Following on from the boomerang thread, which of the Zamperla "sandwich toaster" flying coasters have you done? Me: 4 1 - Hero at Flamingoland 2 - Suiperflight - Playland 3 - Trombi - Sarkaniemi 4 - Soarin Eagle - Coney
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    Best part of the chicken.

    Is there anyone who doesn't enjoy a delicious chicken dish? But which is your favourite part? 1 - Moist breast: 2 - Drier, crumbly, melt in the mouth breast: 3 - The skin 4 - Thighs 5 - The drumstick 6 - the wing 7 - the bones 8 - seeing them in their natural habitat
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    Ever been turned away from a park?

    Hi, Having seen reports from Ben and Taylor, about being turned away from Toshimaen for the ludicrous reason of their tattoos, I was wondering if any other CFers had been denied entry at a theme park, and what was the reason? Also saw reports on tripadvisor yesterday from NadroJ and NHS Jordan...
  11. caffeine_demon

    Re: Viennese whirls - now upto part 3 (prater)

    Well - I've finally got around to writing my vienna trip report! Day 1: Schonbrunn palace and see what else happens. As it was my birthday, I ordered breakfast on the plane. The flight with Austrian was very nice - Lots of legroom and a tasty schnitzel to boot! Only thing was I paid for a...
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    X at Thorpe park - "no singles" rule

    Hi, Does anyone know when Thorpe introduced the "no singles in any row" rule on X? and any ideas why?
  13. caffeine_demon

    shirts -= long or short sleeves?

    another great fashion poll. Do you prefer your shirts to be long sleeved or short sleeved? I'm sure you don't need pictures to illustrate the differences!
  14. caffeine_demon

    Park websites - the good, the bad and the ugly

    never known what the difference is between bad and ugly, and I'm sure we've had a topic like this before, but couldn't find it. Anyway - an entry for the bad and ugly category is familypark herne. enjoy....
  15. caffeine_demon

    Favourite floor covering

    It's another absolute thriller of a poll! what is your favourite floor covering material, for a living room or bedroom? 1 - Thick pile carpet 2 - thin or medium carpet 3 - Laminates / wood 4 - Tiles 5 - lino / vinyl 6 - Oher (please specify)
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    Your dubious cred count

    following the recent count topics, I thought I'd do "dubious creds" Here's my list: (*) = extra dubious! Alpine coasters 1 - Hesenhorn 2 - Trapper slider (fort fun) 3 - Jungle bob (kristiansand) Toboggan coasters: 4- Europa park - swiss bob 5 - Avalanche (bpb) 6 - trace du hourra - parc...
  17. caffeine_demon

    best coaster at six flags great adventure

    any guesses what this topic is about?? Included all coasters, just in case someone really does think that a Zamperla family gravity coaster is better than a b and m invert or hyper, or prefab woody...
  18. caffeine_demon

    Guess the coasters!

    So - as a little pre Christmas treat, I thought I'd do you a little name the coaster quiz. So - I used my insane art and clipart finding skillz to draw the names of 10 coasters (some from RCDB random coaster) Winner get's to feel smug - I'd be amazed if anyone got number 10!
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    Prosecco or cava

    A boozy poll. Do you prefer Prosecco or Cava?
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    At last - The June USA trip! (day10- Hersheypark)

    So - Finally decided to start on this report! This was a one week trip through the ECC, I added a second week in New York to visit SFGA and hopefully get the spiteful el toro cred. DAY 1 - Flight out and Great Escape. Arrived at Heathrow at 5am - and was among the first to check in, I'd booked...