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  1. roomraider

    What are your favorite pieces of coaster merch?

    I have 2 favourite and pretty unique pieces. The B&M pen knife is a personal favourite as its actually super useful. But got to Love the Mack Rides Salad Tongs just for sheer madness 😂
  2. roomraider

    Future prospects for B&M

    While B&M only have the 3 or 4 rides currently under construction its worth noticing that there are at least 3 more Chinese B&M's I expect to see pop up soon. The lead time with these parks is so long though that God knows when that will be. B&M are still my favourite manafacturer but I agree...
  3. roomraider

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Afraid not at the moment all I know is its a custom design for the park. Not even got a manafacturer. I would assume it's non travelling as well.
  4. roomraider

    Fun Park Biograd, Croatia, - weird water ride

    There's a kind of unconfirmed rumour about this ride that it is an Intamin Super Splash sold to Allou Fun Park in Greece that was never built and then ended up here in Croatia. The Intamin reference list has an entry in 2003 for "Supersplash - 16-20 - Vertical Lift" for Allou Fun Park and as...
  5. roomraider

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    The Prater ride is indeed a new bespoke coaster and not the excellent shuttle loop. Excited to see this one go up.
  6. roomraider

    OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park

    This is a Happy Valley in all but name. With a seemingly more cohesive theme so hopefully it won't be anything like OCT East Bit more of the wing coaster going up With the exception of the Surf Coaster for Orlando this is really the only other confirmed new B&M we have at the moment it seems...
  7. roomraider

    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    A couple of more modern oldies (Yeah thats a thing) here. First up is a good quality POV video of the first ever Togo standup Dangai at Gotemba Family Land and to go with that. A POV of possibly the only B&M I'd never seen a POV of before (At least until it moved to the USA) Gambit when it...
  8. roomraider

    Which Park Will Be The First Western Park To Go Chinese?

    You can pick one up yourself for a little over 3k
  9. roomraider

    Fun Spot Atlanta Partnering with RMC for 2022

    I can confim this is NOT a raptor. The reason why this isnt a raptor and is 100% an RMC woodie? Is because both GCI and the GG both bid on this project too and they surely wouldnt bid on a steel coaster?
  10. roomraider

    Which Park Will Be The First Western Park To Go Chinese?

    I mean for the most part you are right. but they arent just stuck on sidewinders. They have rides now that do do more complex elements such as this. And this Both of which just to confirm are unique layouts. And not bad ones at that. And while this isnt an original layout you can't honestly...
  11. roomraider

    Which Park Will Be The First Western Park To Go Chinese?

    I mean their mine trains already have the ability to be better than the classic Vekoma model. The one at Happy Valley Tianjin was excellent and better than any of the Vekoma models I've ridden. The newer model Tilt Coasters also have very interesting layouts in my opinion and it seems the ride...
  12. roomraider

    Which Park Will Be The First Western Park To Go Chinese?

    With the release of Golden Horses new GSC-20A launched coaster model (see below) and videos appearing of their LSM Half pipe style rides i am starting to ask the question who in the western world will be the first park to chance getting a Chinese built ride? There have been Chinese built...
  13. roomraider

    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    I wonder if this ride that was at Wiener Prater in the 50s was also a mack design. It's a racing monorail coaster that seems like it uses a very similar design to Meteor.
  14. roomraider

    Fantawild | Ganzhou China | Theme Park

    POV time. Interesting to see that at least for now it has 2 trains running.
  15. roomraider

    World Fairytale Land | Hainan China | Theme Park

    The water park is now getting ready to open. Very Blizzard Bay
  16. roomraider

    Hangzhou Bay Sunac Tourism City | Haiyan | Theme Park (Formerly Six Flags Zhejiang)

    And now first coaster is confirmed Believed to be similar if not identical to the maurer spinner at Motiongate now.
  17. roomraider

    Chessington World of Adventures | Project Amazon | Roller coaster and children’s rides | 2023/2024

    I'm being a pedant but that was a hyper coaster model rather than a wing :) It's great to see chessie finally do something interesting. I used to love visiting the park but haven't for ages now as its just not done anything interesting for ages. As for the B&M rumours. I'll believe it when I...
  18. roomraider

    OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park

    It's a Golden Horse I believe. Custom layout. Looks a bit bigger than their usual designs. You can see the footers laid out for the B&M quite clearly in the 1st pic.
  19. roomraider

    OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park

    Mine train is going up and looks to be quite a large custom model. It's believed the blue B&M wing track recently spotted at their plant has now been shipped to the park as well so expect to see news of that sooner rather than later
  20. roomraider

    Chongqing Wanda Theme Park | Chongqing | Theme Park

    This park is very much open now and can be unstuck. There is a phase 2 due but if and when that occurs we can either restick or make a new topic.