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  1. caffeine_demon

    What coaster manufacturer would you solely rely on for the rollercoasters in your dream park?

    I'd pick Zamperla and fill the park with spinspiders!
  2. caffeine_demon

    WTF Merlin?

    My Thoughts begin with "W" and rhyme with "bankers"...
  3. caffeine_demon

    Parks that are themed around the country they are in

    Not to mention the Grieg music. Lovely little park, and that drop tower!
  4. caffeine_demon

    CoasterForce COVID-19 Vaccination Poll

    I went for my first dose back in late february,. it was a scam - they tried to stab me with a flippin' needle! Joke, Had both doses of the pfizer - side effects were a sore arm, and slight shiveryness, and a need to hype up windows 10....
  5. caffeine_demon

    WTF Merlin?

    Nah - Even with low queues the time taken to get from ride to ride makes for a burdenous day! You could possibly get away with it at thorpe if queues are less than 15 minutes!
  6. caffeine_demon

    Which Park Will Be The First Western Park To Go Chinese?

    This one beat switzerland by a few years:
  7. caffeine_demon

    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    A park busy in a school holiday? when it's just about the first chance many people will have had to go out for about 12 months, and when forrun holidays are out of the question? Never! Tune in next week when we discover that the sea is wet and salty!
  8. caffeine_demon

    Thirteen vs Wicker Man; Battle of Alton Towers’ 1.2m Secret Weapons

    They're both Meh compared to other family woodies/drop coasters
  9. caffeine_demon

    Best roller coaster in Hershey Park?

    Haven't ridden candy yet, but I'd be amazed if it beat skyrush!
  10. caffeine_demon

    The Paste Game

    length parnam $200.; I may be at work...
  11. caffeine_demon

    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    I'm trying to think of a response that doesn't involve the word "Nobs" or something similar... It's almost impossible!
  12. caffeine_demon

    WTF Merlin?

    it's now showing as 10-7! YAY!
  13. caffeine_demon

    Netherlands | Attractiepark Rotterdam | Amusement Park

    Looks a bit unevenly balanced....
  14. caffeine_demon

    Zip World Tower | Tower Coaster | Wiegand CoasterKart | 2021

    opening delayed until june... just after I'd booked my advance train tickets!
  15. caffeine_demon

    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    I've been wondering similare about masks on rides - surely with all that airflow, there's a higher chance of your mask falling off, than droplets infecting someone "near" you??
  16. caffeine_demon

    Do you prefer steel roller coasters or wooden roller coasters?

    I like good roller coasters, doesn't matter if they're wood, paper, custard, steel, plastic or water!
  17. caffeine_demon

    Music Recommendations

    ^ need a panadol after that one!
  18. caffeine_demon

    The Paste Game

    , slottype= well - that's fantastic!
  19. caffeine_demon

    WTF Merlin?

    three pounds fifty for a park map? it's a disgrace - It's far too low! I'd willingly sell my house with all it's contents....