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  1. kimahri

    Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar

    So this is an argument of being Correct. what colour do you associate Salt and Vinegar and Cheese and Onion Chrisps to. Blue for salt and vinegar and green for cheese and onion or the other wrong way round?
  2. kimahri

    "Did I ever tell you when I woke up and...?"

    So this stemmed from a Skype where I was talking to Jer, Error and another friend and I told them about the time where I woke up from sleep and my arm was so dead it was flailing around and I punched my self in the face. My other friend woke up and he was facing his wall and in is sleepy stupor...
  3. kimahri

    Personal Political Positions

    Soooo, yeah, I work in a solicitors and **** and one of the dudes who founded the company is like a Lord for the Labour party or a politician or whatever so like, the general position of the company swings towards Labour and that ends up starting up conversations when ever David Cameron...
  4. kimahri

    Kim makes one of those Japanese figurine Model things

    So yeah, In my favorite comic book shop they also get cool and random stuff in to sell and at the moment they had a plastic Model Kit for Danbo. Danbo is a Cardboard Robot from the Manga Yotsuba&! by Kiyohiko Azuma. It's a story about a little 5 year old girl who just goes about daily life...
  5. kimahri

    The act of giving out cards.

    So yeah, me and my sister keep having arguments about this, Especially around a day that requires getting a card for it. Christmas, Birthday, Farther's/Mother's day ect. Basically I'm just completely incapable of buying someone a card for these events. I don't feel anything from reciving them...
  6. kimahri

    X-Punk as themeing in theme parks.

    So yeah, this was my idea from the Concept art thread. I was thinking that a lot of rides seem to be steampunk or have those influences but, I don't really see much of the other rediculous amount of other "punk" themes. There never seems to be any Cyberpunk or Biopunk theme or influences...
  7. kimahri

    First Coaster To use OTSR

    Kinda bored at work so I've bee randomly thinking. What was the first coaster to use an OTSR? That corkscrew at Knotts Berry Farm? Could there be anything else before that?
  8. kimahri

    Do you sleep naked or have you changed that since last time?

    I remember a while ago. I think Snoo, then Snoo Snoo, made a topic about our sleeping habits. During which we found out Ian sleeps in the bath naked and like to give people surprises, there was a member called Mrclam and he was gross and some other stuff. Now have your sleeping habits changed...
  9. kimahri

    When do you proceed to the routine of full body cleansing?

    So, after finding out if people "poo" their hair and how often followed by some interesting creative discussions on Facebook I've been inspired to create this poll to perv on you all some more. When do you Shower/Take a bath/Cleanse your full body? Are you a morning person, an evening person...
  10. kimahri

    The Hunger Games and Battle Royale.

    This is probably a terrible title but hey, maybe it'll be provocative enough to get people in here and be surprised that I want to talk about something and not post excessive crap but anyway. The topic I wish to talk about. With the release of The Hunger Games movie, getting more attention and...
  11. kimahri

    David Bowie's Crotch in the Labyrinth.

    I want to know what people's opinions are of the magical bump seen in the Labyrinth. Circled in the picture below for your convenience.
  12. kimahri

    Can I have your Autograph?

    So yeah, I thought that since people go to events where there's these like widely known people there and thus they get all weird and want to own a thing that has their name scribbled illegibly on it. I wanna know if you anyone else has **** that has been signed by like, Film people, Music...
  13. kimahri

    SOPA and PIPA.

    So, as you've seen around the internet there's been a lot of talk and rebellion about the two American legislations 'Stop Online Piracy Act' (SOPA) and 'Protect IP Act' (PIPA). I've not actually read either of the actual thing but I've gone around and saw some youtube videos, read a couple of...
  14. kimahri

    Kim's Horrifying Venture into RCT2 many Moons ago.

    So yeah, since mushroom posted his rct2 park I thought I might as well post my Eye and Ear Rape of a theme park. Specifically the Jolly Jungle! Yes, I cheated on the money... here's a download so it may cause physical damage to you.
  15. kimahri

    Would You Rather

    So yeah, I'm watching Kpopp's series Would you rather Where you are given 2 options and you have to pick one or the other. No compromise. Seems like an intersting thing to do here and I think we've had it before. Now lets start in the most horrible way ever right from the recent video!! Would...
  16. kimahri

    Leg bouncing

    So, I've been sitting here for the past hour and there has been this annoying clanking noise and I noticed it was the glass on my table rocking back and forward then I noticed my leg was bouncing and it was causing my whole desk to shake... Done this for years actually and some people actually...
  17. kimahri

    The Collaborative CF painting!

    Ok, I saw this on 4chan and it was obviously a train wreck, a beautiful one at that. Essentially what happens is I give you the starting picture and the next person saves the picture and adds something to it, like another line, bit of colour, maybe a little doodle then he/she uploads the new...
  18. kimahri


    AKA, weird guy speaks like a perv about his "New Technology". I guess it could work? I think... His voice creeps me out. Edit: have we had this already yet, I dunno.
  19. kimahri

    Luciano Pavrotti!

    Edit: why do i do these things?
  20. kimahri

    The Tuck.

    So, How many of you tuck your feet under your covers when you go to sleep so the monsters don't get them