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  1. FistedColossus

    Thorpe Park - Trip report and musings

    Actually, the Stealth area has always been used. Flying Fish used to be over there as well as a Model Village and gardens. I've not been for a while but I think the sunken garden is still there next to Stealth? It was a nice, relaxing area of the park. Flying Fish looked brilliant surrounded by...
  2. FistedColossus

    Rank your Ridden Mine Trains

    1. Big Thunder Mountain (Paris) 2. Colorado Adventure 3. Expedition Everest 4. Big Thunder Mountain (WDW) They're the only standouts I've done, the rest are all average.
  3. FistedColossus

    Thorpe Park - Trip report and musings

    The layout used to work really well in Thorpe's peak (mid 00's). The theming was consistent and the park was very well landscaped. You could start at Lost City and slowly make your way round in a circle back to the front of the park. It's far less picturesque nowadays. Storm Surge is a huge...
  4. FistedColossus

    Last Cred Review

    Yeah heard about that! Got 5 rides on it throughout the day, not too shabby. It's so ****ing good.
  5. FistedColossus

    Hutch's Roller Coaster Road Trip - Final Part: S**t Flags Great Adventure

    Completely understand your thoughts on El Toro. Personally I enjoyed it and thought it was worth reriding through the pain but the low, twisting section near the end absolutely sucks balls. The restraints are far worse than those on the RMC's or even Skyrush.
  6. FistedColossus

    What is the wettest water ride you've ever been on?

    Nothing comes close to Valhalla for a head to toe drenching. In the north of England of all places. Back row on Storm Force 10 isn't far off. Drenched at Oakwood gives a forceful blast to the face and then some. Tidal Wave, Snake River Falls and the similar one at Kentucky Kingdom are also...
  7. FistedColossus

    Walibi Holland - Community Day

    Sorry for the recent trip report overload, I'll try and keep this one short. Walibi recently announced that 14/9 was their nerd event - community day. Which just happened to fall on the exact date I had booked a couple of months back! I found this out by pure chances from seeing someone mention...
  8. FistedColossus

    Last Cred Review

    Untamed. This is quite possibly the best coaster track design I've experienced. Everything is perfect. It's got the full package - ejector, floater, length, speed, pacing, good inversions, theming... Everything. Initially I found it slightly underwhelming, but back row once it's warmed up...
  9. FistedColossus

    SeaWorld Orlando | Ice Breaker | Premier Rides Custom Sky Rocket

    'Comfort' collars can get straight in the bin.
  10. FistedColossus

    The Boss at Six Flags St. Louis Closing?

    Seems like it could just be the name of a themed scare attraction, like the other coasters on there.
  11. FistedColossus

    Will we ever see another huge 4D Coaster?

    Do the general public like them? Or are they seen as too 'scary'? That could be a contributing factor. Obviously enthusiasts rave about them maybe it's a case of "4D Coaster 1 looks too intense for me".
  12. FistedColossus

    USAirtime - Day 5: Knoebels 🌽

    That's a very specific reasoning, I guess they must have had a fair few vandalism incidents previously. Thanks! I wouldn't worry about it losing the charm any time soon tbh.
  13. FistedColossus

    Can roughness ever improve a ride?

    Possibly Beast at Kings Island. It's a very flat layout, would be pretty boring if it was butter smooth.
  14. FistedColossus

    Top 10(ish): 2019 Edition - page 80

    Honestly can't get my head around how people don't rate Taron. Even first thing in the morning it's bags of fun. It's not the most intense, and not completely packed with airtime - but it's a solid all round package.
  15. FistedColossus

    Golden Ticket Awards 2019 Winners

    Imma let you finish but...
  16. FistedColossus

    What’s your favorite rollercoaster by Intamin?

    Taron or Skyrush. Two completely different experiences, both very very good.
  17. FistedColossus

    What is your favourite drop tower?

    It wouldn't be fair to include Tower of Terror, it's just too good. 1. Detonator 2. Apocalypse 3. Hershey Tower 4. Mystery Castle Overated: Huracan Condor, Falcons Fury I've never bothered going on Tikal as it looks like a frog hopper, sound like I'm missing out.
  18. FistedColossus

    USAirtime - Day 5: Knoebels 🌽

    Day 5: Knoebels Another easy peasy drive led us to our next park - Knoebels. We took it slow in the morning and arrived just after 1pm to a very busy, and very grassy car park. The main reason for this visit was Phoenix, but we could tell instantly that the overall atmosphere of Knoebels was...
  19. FistedColossus

    USAirtime - Day 5: Knoebels 🌽

    Yeah we were keen to prioritise the things we know enjoy on this trip, and not rush around too much despite not having much time. I'm halfway through typing up Knoebels, forgot how much we loved it there too.
  20. FistedColossus

    USAirtime - Day 5: Knoebels 🌽

    Day 4: Hersheypark The drive from New Jersey was textbook stuff despite the raging storm and we arrived at our Motel around 9pm. This was our favourite accomodation of the trip, it was very dated but comfortable. Kind of like staying over at the home of your favourite ederley relative but...