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  1. Thekingin64

    Duplo Dream - New Coaster for Legoland Windsor 2020

    Just posted on their FB page. Doubt it's anything major but is needed, especially considering the only 2 coasters there opened with the park...
  2. Thekingin64

    Quantity over Quality - NL, DE, BE August 2019

    Tomorrow, I will be embarking on a massive 2000+ mile, 19 day roadtrip (in my own car) of the Netherlands, visiting almost every park in the area. Whole trip should been around +65, only around 10 of which might be notable and good quality.... (Including Untamed!!!) Due to the length of this...
  3. Thekingin64

    Premier Sky Rockets

    The official model name of the likes of Tempesto is the Sky Rocket II and Full Throttle is often referred to as a Sky Rocket III. This has left me wondering, what was Sky Rocket 1? Was it the Mr Freeze Reverse Blast models or something else that was planned but never built? (similarly to...
  4. Thekingin64

    Merlin vs Parques Reunidos

    Been a lot of negativity regarding both these companies on here recently with both companies being criticised for not investing and leaving parks to rot. If only 1 of these companies ran every theme park in the world, which company would you prefer? (including both companies side projects e.g...
  5. Thekingin64

    Parques Reunidos Opinions

    This is a topic that seems to come up a lot in separate threads so thought it might be an idea to try and centralise them, have been wanting to do so for a while. Feel free to lock if not suitable. Although I don't have much experience with them personally, I do not see PR as a particularly bad...
  6. Thekingin64

    Overshadowed Coasters

    This for all those coasters out there which should be good in their own right but just don't live up to expectations, be it due to other better rides in the park or personally ridden recently. These rides may have fantastic stats and look amazing rides but just something causes it to not be as...
  7. Thekingin64

    Ice Mountain

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I'm confused over the status of the Ice Mountain spinning mouse ride usually at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. I understand it used to be owned by Mellors before being sold off recently to James Crow. Whats confusing is that while RCDB mentions that it was...
  8. Thekingin64

    Spain June/July 2018

    Sorry for the delay in writing this. Have been busy over the summer and only just found the time. For those who didn’t already know, I recently went on a 2 week trip to Spain, covering the Madrid parks, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Tibidabo and Port Aventura. This is was my first time ever in Spain so...
  9. Thekingin64

    Best Non-spite You've Had

    We've had numerous topics recently discussing various spites we have had as a community where rides have been unexpectedly closed. This topic is the exact opposite of that: What coasters did you expect to be closed when visiting the park but were actually open to riders? Same goes for children's...
  10. Thekingin64

    Crash on Steel Vengeance!

    Apparantly the Digger train overshot the final breakrun and went into the back of the Chess train being dispatched from the station. I know it runs fast but didn't expect that fast! Seemingly, SV has has a smooth, uneventful opening day and also should shut up the people worrying about the...
  11. Thekingin64

    Tiger Falls - Retheme of Dragon Falls at CWOA

    Quick search of forums shows no current topic for this so thought I'd create it. In short, the old Dragon Falls log Flume at Chessington is getting rethemed to tigers and will feature live tigers around the main drop. (screenshot sent to me by a friend, presumably originally from SouthParks...
  12. Thekingin64

    New IMAscore ride music for Troy

    Not sure if this is truly newsworthy but Troy at Toverland is getting some new ride music from IMAscore! Pro: New IMAscore music. Con: It means the fab old music will be no more! Preview of new music: Source: IMAscore's Facebook
  13. Thekingin64

    Lightwater Valley sold

    According to the article below, Lightwater has just been sold to Livingstone Lesiure, same people who own Flambards in Cornwall. Didn't even realise the park was up for sale but hope it goes well for the new owners.
  14. Thekingin64

    Death at Phantasialand

    Looks like a maintenance guy has died during scheduled maintenance on Winjas: By the sounds of the article, he was under the elevator lift when it came down on him, not a...
  15. Thekingin64

    Heide Park Colossos retracking (2019)

    Looks like Colossos at Heide Park won't be opening at all this year: Considering it closed early last year after breaking down, it must have something seriously wrong with it if the park know it won't be opening for the whole of this coming year!
  16. Thekingin64

    Drop Line - New drop tower for Dollywood

    Dollywood have just posted this onto their Facebook page.Seemingly they're getting a new drop tower for this summer...
  17. Thekingin64

    Boy dies at Mount Olympus

    Going off Screamscape, A group of kids trespassed into the closed waterpark and sledding down a slide, falling out in the process. Pronounced dead at the scene...
  18. Thekingin64

    RCT Classic on Mobile

    Looks like Atari have now released a mix of RCT 1 and 2 as a new mobile game. Might be worth considering for those of you with phones good enough to handle it
  19. Thekingin64

    Maurer AG to close?

    Just found this on Facebook. Don't know how reliable it is though.
  20. Thekingin64

    New Zacspin model

    Just spotted on Screamscape that Intamin have announced they have developed a launched version of their current Zacspin model: ... tHaSZyLTIV ... tm#Intamin So, just making it even more like the Coasterball...