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  1. Hixee

    Maxx GhosterForce | Trip Reports

    Let's hear how you got on - last stateside Live of the year!
  2. Hixee

    Turkey PTR - Days 8+9: Antalya (Land of Legends)

    Waterfalls into the ocean? Don't tend to see that all that often. Cool! Enjoyed this one - first time I recall seeing a report from Turkey (not unlike most of your reports to be fair), and it's been cool to see something a bit different. Sounds like an excellent trip too, actually. +50 ain't...
  3. Hixee

    2nd Gen Reverchon Spinning Wild Mice

    It's a shame that the lift is so fast really - it's the third best bit of a Reverchon spinner. The second best bit being when the restraints release to get off. The best being the bit when you add the +1 to the spreadsheet, of course.
  4. Hixee

    Adventure Island (Qatar) | Dragonfire | Premier Rides LSM Coaster

    Yeah, wow! I hope the train gets a good way up it - I like how you can't even see the pull out at the bottom in that shot too, should provide some great free fall.
  5. Hixee

    Energylandia's Future Additions

    That might be the case, but Aqualantis is the name currently on RCDB - so good enough for me. Plus, we can always change it again if/when the name gets confirmed. :)
  6. Hixee

    Energylandia's Future Additions

    Cool! I've updated the topic title here, let's use that thread for the Vekoma chat, and keep all the other generic future stuff for the park in this thread:
  7. Hixee

    Hersheypark | Chocolatetown | 2019/2020 Park Expansion

    There's one thing I know for sure - it's definitely NOT orange. ;)
  8. Hixee

    Futuroscope | Mission Kepler | Intamin spinner

    I think the consensus (never validated) was that this photo was taken at a the right (or wrong) time. They've loosely connected all of the track and supports in a 'first fix', and are yet to go back and tighten everything up and do the final alignment. It doesn't look like that now - albeit it...
  9. Hixee

    Hutch's Roller Coaster Road Trip - Final Part: S**t Flags Great Adventure

    Loved this report. From a bunch of basic parks, but you sounded like you were having a great time the entire trip (well, almost... ;) ), and it makes me crave doing another one of those monster road-trips. For what it's worth - Balder was running amazingly last month. It was awesome. Thanks...
  10. Hixee

    Futuroscope | Mission Kepler | Intamin spinner

    I think this was in reference to those pictures of Red Force during construction that showed some hilarious (but later explained) track alignment:
  11. Hixee

    Hersheypark | Chocolatetown | 2019/2020 Park Expansion

    What colour are they painting it? I can't tell from the pictures, but looks to be a shade of red. (That's one for those of us that have been around for long enough...)
  12. Hixee

    Operational Nightmares! Canada/US trip – August 2019

    Some weird JPG going on there - looks like the sky has been replaced. :P But yes, actually looks pretty nice. :)
  13. Hixee

    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    For ****s sake, man. Is it better than Steel Vengeance? That's all we care about.
  14. Hixee

    Antinos' 2019 Thread (Sometimes I hate this hobby: Coney Island Cincinnati)

    Looks nearly as ropey as the one in Sylvan Beach. I love it! :P
  15. Hixee

    Tripsdrill | Unknown | Unconfirmed Vekoma Family Coaster

    Nah, I can move this now. One that I'd missed. :)
  16. Hixee

    Farup Sommerland | Saven | Vekoma Custom Family Boomerang

    Moved to the Construction forum.
  17. Hixee

    Operational Nightmares! Canada/US trip – August 2019

    I enjoyed seeing the photo updates of this on Facebook as you went along, so looking forward to reading a bit more of the narrative here. I'll be doing a very similar trip to this next year, so interest highly peaked! :P
  18. Hixee

    Turkey PTR - Days 8+9: Antalya (Land of Legends)

    Digging those high up views of Istanbul, really cool!
  19. Hixee

    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    Some cracking photos in those sets mate, good job!
  20. Hixee

    SeaWorld Orlando | Ice Breaker | Premier Rides Custom Sky Rocket

    Good point, but in my defence that doesn't get listed as a Premier Skyrocket on RCDB.