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  1. Nicky Borrill

    Planet Coaster Launches on Mac!!!

    Yesterday planet coaster finally launched for Mac! After years of waiting and eventually buying a new windows gaming rig during the last lockdown, I can now finally play on my MacBook Pro too!!! Here are the system requirements for anybody else with a Mac MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit...
  2. Nicky Borrill

    Lockdown Park - Horrorville Dark Ride

    As we're locked down again, I though I'd have a go at creating my first 'proper' park (not just a load of coaster designs plonked on a field) As well as my very first ever attempt at a dark ride. I've built the entrance plaza / midway... and dark ride so far. I am nowhere near finished with...
  3. Nicky Borrill

    Help WeChat

    Hi guys, friend of mine has not been heard from for a while in China, only contact we have for him due to the restrictions there is wechat but I need to get scanned to get my account confirmed... long shot but does anyone here have it who could scan my barcode if I send it to them?
  4. Nicky Borrill

    France & Germany - Post Covid-19 Lockdown

    Ok, so this will be a very brief report, not because I can’t compose decent reports, I mean, I can’t, but that’s besides the point. The reason is that most of you have visited these parks multiple times, and there’s nothing new I can tell you, except how things are post covid, the new normal so...
  5. Nicky Borrill

    New (to UK) Schwarzkopf To Tour UK

    Looks like somebody has bought and restored a Schwarzkopf looper with view to touring the UK with it Not clear which one yet as there’s more than one pictured but my guess would be Lisebergs Loopen unless somebody can suggest otherwise
  6. Nicky Borrill

    Good Company in Poland 2019

    Not a trip report, not really, more of a summary, and a huge shout out and thank you to those I met on my travels, who I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 days with. Flew into Katowice on Sunday morning and caught an Uber to Legendia, because I’m lazy (cost £18.40) got there shortly after park opening...
  7. Nicky Borrill

    What is your bucket list coaster for each continent?

    As the thread title suggests, let’s hear the coaster you haven’t ridden yet, but most want to ride on each continent, and maybe why your choice is what it is. Mine are fairly boring I’m afraid. Europe: Karnan I’ve done most of the coasters in Europe that I would really class as bucket list...
  8. Nicky Borrill

    Festival Day Pass

    Walibi Holland - Monday 8th June So after missing untamed by 6 days the week before, I decided to go out again on our Monday off, to see what all the fuss was about. This time I would be joined by my decidedly none goon missus, Cara. Sadly, the extremely goony daughter, would stay at home to...
  9. Nicky Borrill

    Netherlands & Germany mini road trip

    This is not going to be a hugely detailed trip report, just me quickly sharing my thoughts on some of the parks and coasters we visited last week. We caught the overnight ferry from Hull on Sun 23rd June. I can highly reccomend the P&O ferry, like a mini cruise ship, plenty to do, casino, bars...