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  1. Cranedude

    The Cranedude Trip Thread Uncraned - Recap on the Year so Far

    Welcome. I'm Cranedude. This year......hasn't really been eventful for me. In my neck of the woods creds are scarce. So sometimes during a year we go to a theme park and enjoy ourselves. Not this time. China brought their silly virus to us by Seattle-way and everything broke down. March 5th we...
  2. Cranedude

    Tantrum being removed? And Darien Lake closing?

    Well, somebody posted a photo on the BBP Games discord that showed Tantrum being torn down. It was April Fools.........until this email showed up. So the Twister site was not fit to support the Six Flags Skyscreamer, so now it looks like they are giving their 1 year old Eurofighter the boot...
  3. Cranedude

    Skytropolis Funland | Super Glider | Zamperla Volare | 202?

    The Volare strikes again. Some of you may know Genting Highland's old Volare. It was removed when Genting Highland closed to become Fox World. Now look what just popped up on RCDB. Genting's old Volare is being relocated LITERALLY to the indoor SBNO park located right...
  4. Cranedude

    Mundo Petapa | Relámpago | Zamperla Thunderbolt

    So as you may have seen from the IAAPA thread Zamperla announced a new Thunderbolt Coaster It's going to Mundo Petapa and will be named Relámpago Here's the front car: and the layout: Seems to have quite the wonky and short layout. But is good for a park which has only family coasters, it's a...
  5. Cranedude

    Wacky and Weird coasters in Video Games

    I will start This is a ROBLOX recreation of Roller Coaster Mayan, in Energylandia. This gives a whole new meaning to headbanging. Sweet dreams people.
  6. Cranedude

    Shockwave/Six Flags Hidden Lake/Six Flags Over Virgina

    Shockwave is a B&M Stand Up. Download it here: I also have Six Flags Hidden Lake, a whole park. Download that here: And finally, I have Greenwood Lake Park/Six Flags...
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    Due to reasons, this project is cancelled. Mods feel free to delete this.
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    Seaworld San Diego | Tidal Twister | Skyline Skywarp Horizon

    Looks like we have Seaworld San Diego's 2019 plans: Tidal Twister. A Skyline Skywarp Horizon. It's a dueling figure eight layout, with an airtime hill and a roll. I'm suprised this is coming right after Electric Eel, but whatever. Looks quite fun!
  9. Cranedude

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg/Water Country USA | Cutback | Proslide FlyingSAUCER/RocketBLAST

    So, long story short, a new Proslide RocketBLAST/FlyingSAUCER slide is replacing Meltdown in Water Country USA, Busch Gardens Williamsburg's water park. Announcement video here: Layout: Looks like one DARN good ride coming to Water Country USA! Can't wait for 2019!!!!!
  10. Cranedude

    SFOG | Pandemonium | South's Tallest Frisbee

    My home park... getting a frisbee? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS! Also, eat concept art. Looks awesome. Yes.
  11. Cranedude

    Describe the photo!

    Yay. I get to move this again. Based off this: Describe the picture the user above you posted (Part 2 ... but with photos of roller coasters and theme parks! First two photos!
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    Describe the photo!

    Just decided to move it here to gather more popularity.
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    Super Looper

    Please post in the correct subforum. -GWAS