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  1. Chris Brown

    Chessington World Of Adventures | Croc Drop | Zamperla Sky (Drop) Tower

    For some reason I had it in my head that this was going to be 2 towers for capacity purposes, no idea where I got that from. The work Chessington have done with this is excellent, the marketing, themeing and story all look great but can't help but agree with concerns above about the capacity...
  2. Chris Brown

    New (temporary, hired) flat rides for Alton Towers

    Imagine queuing 50 WHOLE MINUTES to go on a Super Trooper. SW9 is going to be a Wacky Worm at this rate, passholders would probably still lap it up.
  3. Chris Brown

    WTF Merlin?

    Remind me of Roller Coaster Tycoon and how you could make guests get lost then charge them for maps. Soon Merlin will be doubling the price of umbrellas on rainy days...
  4. Chris Brown

    Potential addition of rides / themepark to Warner Bros Studio Tour, London.

    This rumour should be taken with a large pinch of salt as I dont have anything other than word to back it up but I have reason to believe that the Harry Potter Studio Tour is looking to expand its offering by incorporating rides and / or a themepark section in the near future. Apparently there...
  5. Chris Brown

    What is the UK's most Iconic piece of themeing / themed area?

    This links to question I often think about, in what area do you feel the most immersed? There are alot of areas which I love, Amity @ Thorpe. Forbidden Valley @ Alton but weirdly this little spot here always satisfies me the most; I think its the interaction with Vampire, the themed...
  6. Chris Brown

    Unknown rides outside of parks.

    I have vivid memories of the calamity canyon in Devon but had convinced myself it was a dream after not being able to find it (for some reason I thought it was at Paignton Zoo)! Another one that could be well known due to Desperado but Buffalo Bills in Primm is also home to a unique looking...
  7. Chris Brown

    Do you have any theme park guilty pleasures?

    Not so much a guilty pleasure but I'm obsessed with any sections of parks being indoors, not bothered about an individual ride being in its own building but when a collection of rides or a whole park is inside it really gets me going. Take Toverland shed, Plopsaland De panne shed and Nickelodeon...
  8. Chris Brown

    Unknown rides outside of parks.

    So this post is kinda inspired by someone on reddit who posted about the water ride in the Rainforest Cafe in Galveston TX, see below link... So it turns out theres a pretty cool looking ride that I had no idea existed, I love stuff like this, be it a themed area or random ride where you'd...
  9. Chris Brown

    Why do smaller theme parks in the UK seem to struggle more than similarly sized equivalents abroad?

    There are lots of factors to this and a lot get talked about regularly. The Merlin monopoly is probably the biggest factor, not an issue were it not for Merlins 'low bar' approach. We're above the rest in the country, we dont have to be particularly good we just have to be marginally better...
  10. Chris Brown

    Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach; overrated or underappreciated?

    As others have said its good but falls short of being great. On paper its an excellent ride and I genuinely think something as little as a 5/10 mph increase in both launches would see it become a snappy taronesque beast but currently its just too gentle and refined. That said it still sits in my...
  11. Chris Brown

    Your Favourite Ever CF Lives

    All of my favs have been mentioned through but gonna repeat them anyway; Sweden 2016. The parks, the rides, the group, the weather, everything went really well on this trip. Made more fun by being in the height of Pokémon Go. Italy 2015. Small group, great laughs, no drama, some quirky parks...
  12. Chris Brown

    Indiana Beach I Dreier Looper | Quimera relocation | 2021

    I’ve got no idea where Indiana Beach are gonna fit this!
  13. Chris Brown

    Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021

    The more I look at this the more i think they’re going to theme it to the abandoned original Jurassic Park that features in both the sequels to Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. Think they could do a really good job of that.
  14. Chris Brown

    Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021

    Not arsed about he name but do think this will look pretty monstrous just because of its setting in the park, towering over and inbetween the buildings.
  15. Chris Brown

    Pure, Delicious Candymonium: Sarah & Scott's Trip to Hersheypark, 8/6/20

    Hershey is quickly climbing up my park priority list, I often forget how many high standard coasters they have and Candymonium only adds to that. Also another kudos to the trip report picture formatting!
  16. Chris Brown

    Silver Dollar City | Mystic River Falls | River Rapids

    The traditional rapids part looks great, it looks fast with a fair bit going on. I'm not a fan off the big drop part though, it just looks a bit fairground ridey, like the cheap storm surge esqe style. Think they could have made it look so much better without the helix at the top as wouldn't...
  17. Chris Brown

    CANCELLED - Unfinnished Business | FINLAND |24th - 26th Jul 2020

    Hi Arttu, there has been an issue processing you refund as your initial payment was made with Paypal buyer protection as opposed to a friends and family payment as requested. It should now be in your account.
  18. Chris Brown

    CANCELLED - Unfinnished Business | FINLAND |24th - 26th Jul 2020

    Hi all, It's with sadness that me and Ian have decided to cancel the Finland CF Live. We acknowledge that although there are still a couple of months until the Live was supposed to start, the Covid-19 situation remains uncertain and we think it's only fair to give you as much notice as...