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  1. furie

    Notable Losses Since 2001

    Notable Losses Nothing lasts forever (except maybe Twinkies). Over the 100+ years of rollercoasters, thousands of coasters and hundreds of parks have gone forever. I'm going to take a look back at the last 20 years of closures. I've picked out the ones that I've found most interesting (or been...
  2. furie

    Is there a rhyme and a reason?

    I was having a mini discussion (discussionette) with Serena last night and rhyming words with Flamingoland came up. Whenever I rhyme with Flamingoland, I can only come with negative words; bland, stand, remand or dammed. The Serena mentioned Port Aventura... For that, I can only think of...
  3. furie

    SCREAMRIDE if you want a disaster

    Frontier (those of RCT3 fame) have a new action coaster game coming out in March. Screamride is a game of three partsto try and be a game for everyone: There's a "Temple Run" type of game only you have to try and keep you coaster on the tracks (braking or tilting into curves) to reach the...
  4. furie

    Man breaks his neck on Grand National

    Source: ... -1-6920196 Looks like he had and underlying condition rather than anything mechanical on the ride. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  5. furie

    Oakie Kokie IV 30th August 2014 - Trip Reports

    Looks like I'm first back then with everyone else enjoying the completely unburdenous journey through Wales. Thoughts, photos, etc. here then please. I may be working on a video, so I'll detail later. One thing I need to get out though. Nadroj/Conner: after our conversation waiting by the...
  6. furie

    Family_Furie take on DLRP

    Last year we planned on going to Europa Park for 40th-birthday-of_furie. It took a lot of arguing and convincing to make it Europa instead of Disney. The park is a better family park in terms of attractions, it's quieter, more efficient and still gorgeous. However, the boiler broke, so we had...
  7. furie

    Alton Towers to remove Submission - world rejoices! :)

    From Towers Times: ... e-retired/ The ride is going as part of the long term plan apparently. Good riddance to bad rubbish IMO :)
  8. furie

    WTF are you talking about???

    I was thinking about starting this thread a few weeks ago after talking to ECG. Pierre has just reminded me to start it though. Basically, is there anything people say that - while they may think is a common expression - is actually completely WTF? Is a perfect example. I've never heard that...
  9. furie

    Thorpe Park | Angry Birds | 4D Cinema/area retheme

    Joy of joys! Yeah, have fun with this one. Angry Birds 4D cinema and retheme of the area, including retheme of Detonator and dodgems. Enjoy! :P ... ark/039271
  10. furie

    How many meals do you have each day?

    Pretty simple :) I know some people often skip breakfast, but other than that, how many "main meals" do you have each day? I always have breakfast and always have. I'm quite a morningy kind of person though so can manage it where others seem to struggle. Then it's always lunch and dinner too...
  11. furie

    GhosterForce X - Trip Reports

    Right, time to get this topic started. I'm back now after day 2 of the Live, and it's been a bit wet and burdenous (Alton), but kind of fun and chilled too (Drayton). I'll do proper reports when I've got images sorted and bit of time. In the mean time, please feel free to post anything so far...
  12. furie

    New Legoland for Stafford!!!

    Stafford America that is ;) ... rd-county/ Though So it's "we're looking at one, maybe, but it's unlikely" :lol:
  13. furie

    Alton Towers | Farmyard Retheme to "CBeebies Land"

    There's a lot of work going on at the farmyard area of Alton, including removing the ugly circus tent which has sat rotting for the best part of a decade. The plans are here for people to look at: ... &module=P3 Looks like it's mostly additional toilets...
  14. furie

    Yorkshire Tripper VI Trip reports.

    Are we angry about bird land? Have we been beaten into the ultimate submission? Let's find out :)
  15. furie

    Six Flags New Orleans brought back to life (for a bit)

    Wow! Looks great doesn't it? Pity it's just for a film set :lol: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters has a major scene set in a theme park, so they cleaned up Six Flags New Orleans to film there. Apparently they had to clear out all the wildlife that had moved in. Still, it came back to life...
  16. furie

    Bell's Return

    Okay, I admit it. I only put this news item in here to make Ian feel special when he gets back from Finland. In reality, it's about a fair operator in Oklahoma who was closed down in 2006 (under what seems like bad politics) and who has been given space to put up four kiddie rides somewhere...
  17. furie

    "Finnish Me Off" - Finland 2013 Trip Reports. Tell us all about it please :)
  18. furie

    Skegnessosaurus Rex

    A private investor has allegedly put up £250,000 for a new Dinosaur Theme Park on the Skegness sea front. I love dinosaurs, but how they'll compete with the live monsters at Fantasy Island, I don't know ;) ... nvestment/ Still it's all good stuff. I...
  19. furie

    Maurer Skyloop at World Joyland China leaves 11 stranded.

    The Maurer Sohne Skyloop - Clouds of Fairyland - broke down on Friday and the 11 passengers needed to be rescued by a cherry picker. We only heard of this because the 11 were "tourists", so it made national press because one might have been from somewhere important ;) News item...
  20. furie

    Fête Paradiso - Victorian Museum Rides come to New York

    For anyone in the New York area, for every weekend from now until the end of September, Fête Paradiso is open on Governors Island. It's a collection of French Victorian era museum rides. No coasters by the look of it, but some fantastic old rides and some creepy as hell models and artwork...