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  1. AJ

    British tourist loses fingertips on PoTC Ride at WDW

    Oops! Source:
  2. AJ

    Thorpe Park | Calypso Quay Retheme - Angry Birds Land

    Thorpe have announced they are adding an Angry Birds themed area to the park within the "Calypso Quay" area of the park. (For those too young to remember, CQ is the area where Detonator and Pirates 4D/Side Games currently are). They will be bringing back the use of Pirates 4D theatre and using...
  3. AJ

    Clothes: Comfort or Fashion?

    Do you buy your clothes based on how good you look in them or how comfortable you are in them? I buy based on looks, 'cause I'm a shallow bitch.
  4. AJ

    Fake Tan/Sunbeds

    Do you use them? Agree with the use? Think it's stupid? I know a lot of people that use both. The spray/mousse can obviously look silly and streaky, and most people go 50 shades too dark for their skin. But Sunbeds I never seem to notice when people have used them? Do you think people can...
  5. AJ

    Bad Breathe

    Do you cover it up at all? Do you chew gum? Mouth spray? Polos/Tic tacs? Or do you leave it and just wait till someone offers you/wait till you get home and ignore it. Polos (IMO) don't work. They're a candy, not a breathe mint. Same goes for tic tacs. I chew Airwaves, mainly 'cause it clears...
  6. AJ

    How often do you clean your ears?

    Almost every day.
  7. AJ

    How often do you wash your hair?

    How often do you wash your hair? Every day? Every other day? Once a week? Month? Never? Baby wipe? I wash mine every day.
  8. AJ

    Do you wash your hands after using the toilet?

    Simple question, really. I wash my hands after any form of toilet use. But obviously i know some people do not. Ha. Own up......
  9. AJ


    Do you use it? I tend to use it twice a day, before I leave for work and before I go to bed. But this is just habit, I assume. Hows abouts yous lot? Do you even use it?
  10. AJ


    Question, because people around me seems to vary a lot. Do you shower in the morning or the evening? (Before sleeping or after sleeping). Or maybe you don't shower at all? Or shower once a week? Or month? I always shower after I wake up, purely because I like to start my day clean? Also...
  11. AJ

    Schools in Essex ban triangle flap jacks... ... 48084.html Basically a tri-angular flap jack was thrown at a child and hit him in the face... He got injured and yeah. Now catering staff are being told to cut the flap-jacks into rectangles or squares..... H&S gone too far?
  12. AJ

    The strangest place(s) you've had to 'go'.

    So after reading why Ben's banned from Hampton Court Palace, I was thinking of all the places I've had to 'go' when drunk etc. So hows about yous? Deffo had to just GO in Paris a few weeks ago, no toilets in the train station so pissed down some stairs that lead to a platform. No one was...
  13. AJ

    "Peanut Butter" Confectionary

    After a conversation with Jordan today, It was decided that any artificial Peanut Butter flavouring or chocolates taste like ****. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? Tastes like arse. Peanut Butter Kit Kat? Tastes like arse. So how do you stand? Do you enjoy 'Peanut Butter' confectionary?
  14. AJ

    Favourite Disney Villain

    Exactly as the title says! Malefique <3
  15. AJ

    Favourite/Worst Disney Character

    Not including Villains. Go. Favourite: Peter Pan <3 Worst: Duffy Bear.
  16. AJ

    'The Tampon Video'

    Definitely just HEAVED at this video. It's gonna be another viral video like 2 girls 1 cup... But it's a girl in her bathroom removing her tampon and sucking on it, in essence 'drinking' herself. -Inbox me for the link it's so VILE, or just google to find it on facebook- Please tell me...
  17. AJ


    Discovered my game disc today omnom. Started a small project, haven't been able to spend much time on it but heeeeey. Here's my first little area: With a Chute: With a mine train: However I feel the mountain looks nicer without anything?: Anyway. Yeah, I'm gonna be getting back to...
  18. AJ

    Corn Dogs..... Where do you stand?

    After recently eating a Corn Dog for the first time and nearly throwing up at the taste, I was curious, who the HELL enjoys eating these? They taste vile! Also, if you do like them, WHY? So..... Corn Dogs...
  19. AJ

    Expectations from staff at parks?

    If there's a topic for this already then blah I don't come on here enough to know. Right, so after having been to America over the last months and going to quite a few theme parks..... Something I noticed that really frustrated me was the staff. Now this doesn't apply to all staff by any...
  20. AJ

    I'm moving to Paris..... JUSSAYIN <3

    After 6 months of not posting on here but still going to lives. The reality that I could no longer live the fabulously mysterious lifestyle dawned on me <//3 Anyway, So..... as many of you may or may not know, I attended an audition back in November. It was a long audition where out of 230...