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  1. Peet

    Wicksteed Park in Administration

    Wicksteed Park becomes the second in the UK to go into Administration since the lockdown: Not one that I would have predicted. I hope the historic water chute survives - I was spited by it on my...
  2. Peet

    Berlin Christmas market creds

    Hi all, I'll be in Berlin while the Christmas markets are on this year, and I'm pretty sure some of them have creds but I can't find any solid information about what rides are in what locations around Berlin. I've seen a few pictures of Hollenblitz and a Wilde Maus at Alexanderplatz, so that...
  3. Peet

    Parque Ulengo, Luanda, Angola

    I'm currently on my 9th visit to Angola and I have finally managed to bag a cred here! Parque Ulengo is on the outskirts of the capital city of Luanda; it has one major coaster and one kiddie cred. I attempted to visit with a colleague on a Saturday last October but found the park closed. Since...
  4. Peet

    Favourite coasters by colour

    Not to be taken too seriously! We all enjoy praising or condemning a ride's colour scheme, so what's your favourite of each colour? I reckon: Red - Extreme Rusher Blue - (half of) Twisted Colossus Yellow - Superman Something Spanish (I'm going to count the colour of the rails here) Green -...
  5. Peet

    Pete in China (Happy Valley Beijing, Happy Valley Chengdu, Disneyland HK)

    I am currently enjoying my first visit to the bewildering, challenging and wonderful country that is China. Thanks to @gavin and @HeartlineCoaster whose previous trip reports and info have helped me know what to expect here and plan accordingly. This isn't really a cred run; I'm here with my...
  6. Peet

    Possible new park in Scarborough - Flamingo Land Coast

    "Designs for a new attraction on the site of a former seaside theatre have been unveiled. Dubbed Flamingo Land Coast, the entertainment complex is due to be built on the site of Scarborough's Futurist theatre. Designs include a 60m-high "Cliffhanger" ride, a rollercoaster, and a four-storey...
  7. Peet

    Remnants of defunct rides (or old layouts)

    Talk over on the Hakugei thread about leaving old track in place after changing a coaster's layout got me thinking about where you can still see evidence of defunct rides at parks, or parts of coaster layouts that have been changed. Here's the most obvious example from the UK: There's also...
  8. Peet

    Alton Towers Dungeon

    I think this merits its own topic now rather than a page or two in the WFT Merlin thread. These posters have appeared around the park: (Credit TTSP) I think we can safely say this will be in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory building and utilise the boat ride. Whether they will also...
  9. Peet

    Hopi Hari, Brazil, August 2018

    Hi all, I haven't posted any trip reports on here before, but I went to Hopi Hari near São Paulo in Brazil at the weekend which is one of those parks that most enthusiasts will have heard of, but not many will have visited, so I hope some of you will find it an interesting trip report! First...
  10. Peet

    Rank the Mack Launch coasters

    I reckon it's time for this list topic. I have done 6 Mack Launch coasters, the ranking is actually pretty easy: 1. Helix - Liseberg (obviously) 2. Icon - BPB 3. Blue Fire - Europa Park (better theming than its clones below, plus that interaction with Wodan) 4. Velociraptor - IMG WOA (BF clone)...
  11. Peet

    Storage of park maps

    Hi all, so I imagine I am not the only one here who keeps a collection of park maps, my question is how do you store them? I just have mine in a shoebox which isn't very satisfactory as they're all different shapes and sizes, some only fit in longways etc and trying to find maps for a particular...
  12. Peet

    Coaster Express Re-tracking

    This probably isn't going to get everyone too excited, but Coaster Express at Parque Warner Madrid is closed until the summer for track work (stated on RCDB and the park's website). I visited for the first time over the weekend so I was sad to be spited but it does sound like a terrible coaster...
  13. Peet

    Walt Disney Studios Park | Unknown | Rock 'n' Roller Coaster retheme | 2021

    Disney have announced that the Aerosmith Rock 'n' Rollercoaster at Walt Disney Studios, Disneyland Paris, will be rethemed to Marvel characters. Personally I prefer the Aerosmith theme but I think Iron Man and his...
  14. Peet

    Roller Coaster Euro 2017

    Not sure if this has been done before, but based on the 2017 line-ups, which European country has the best rides? I think there are only 4 realistic contenders, shout up if I have missed one. I'm going to say the UK, but I am biased!