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  1. KristofWB

    New mascot for Walibi parks.

    If we may believe, Walibi Holland welcomes a brand new mascot for their park. The park is saying goodbye to the former kangaroo, which appeared in Walibi Belgium, Walibi Holland, Walibi Rhône-Alpes and Walibi Sud-Ouest in 2011, after a massive re-branding. Compagnie des Alpes later...
  2. KristofWB

    Walibi Belgium | Kondaa | Intamin Mega Coaster | 2021

    That Walibi Belgium will open a brand new megacoaster is well known. A 50 meter high, 1200 meters long Intamin Mega Coaster with a maximum speed of 113 kmph and 15 airtime moments. Today, StarParc took some pictures of trees being sawn at the future location for the megacoaster!
  3. KristofWB

    [Walibi Belgium] Halloween 2019

    Walibi Belgium announced their Halloween specials yesterday. It seems that the park has dropped their 'Enjoy the Day, Fear the Night' concept and focus on their recently re-themed zones. The park presents 9 haunted experiences for 2019, including three brand new ones. 4 Halloween shows and 9...
  4. KristofWB

    Walibi Belgium | Popcorn Revenge | Alterface Erratic Dark Ride

    Last year, Walibi Belgium announced their 5 year long masterplan. This year, the park opened a brand new themed zone 'Exotic World' and 'Tiki-Waka', a Gerstlauer Bobsled Coaster. 2019 will be an even more important year for the park. Two new themed zones, a brand new entrance for the park, a...
  5. KristofWB

    Walibi Belgium | Tiki Waka | Gerstlauer Bobsled Coaster

    I think it is already known that Walibi Belgium is going to invest alot of money in their park. With a masterplan till 2023 and even beyond, the park will get a complete make-over. First project of this make- over is the arrival of a Tiki themed zone, including a brand rollercoaster from...
  6. KristofWB

    Walibi Belgium ready for its transformation!

    An article appeared in a French-Belgian newspaper, featuring an interview with the parks manager Jean-Christophe Parent. In this interview, mr. Parent explains the growing popularity of Walibi Belgium in France, growing number of visitors for aswell Walibi Belgium as its waterpark Aqualibi, its...
  7. KristofWB

    Walibi Belgium to remove 'La Grand Roue'

    It was rumored for several months, but denied by the park. Untill yesterday, at Walibi Belgium's annual Rollercoaster Fan Day: after the Halloween event, the ferris wheel in the park will be removed. The ferris wheel opened in 1979, together with Tornado, the Corkscrew Coaster from Vekoma. The...
  8. KristofWB

    Walibi Belgium - "Enjoy the Day, Fear the Night"!

    Almost that time of the year again...Halloween in Walibi Belgium. Started as a small-scale event in 2000, is now a huge event, featuring many animations, + 180 live actors and 7 haunted houses. The park has now announced more late night openings for 2016, due to its massive popularity. 7 Late...
  9. KristofWB

    Future ride projects for Walibi Belgium!

    A couple of hours after Walibi Belgium opened Pulsar, Belgian podcast 'Ochtend in Pretparkland' had an exclusive interview with Dominique Fallon, management member from Walibi Belgium since 1975, and Jean Christophe Parent, General Manager from the park. In this interview, both gentleman were...
  10. KristofWB

    Walibi Belgium: Pulsar Opening - June 4th 2016!

    Yesterday, Belgian themeparkfans were in seventh heaven with the official and long-expected official opening from Pulsar in Walibi Belgium. After 13 years, the park finally opened a brand new ride instead of opening refurbished shuttle loop coasters or somekind of ski-transportation kind of...
  11. KristofWB

    Panic Attack at Walibi Belgium!

    2000, Walibi Belgium was the second park in Belgium to introduce a Halloween event. Started in 2000 as a small-scale event with one haunted house, the event has grown to one of the biggest in the Benelux. And this year, the park presents 'Panic Attack', hosted by zombie-leader Marva and...
  12. KristofWB

    Walibi Belgium | Pulsar | Mack Power Splash

    Since April, Walibi Belgium has started with the construction of the Power Splsh, which opens in March 2016! Pictures from the ThemeParkVision discussionboard.
  13. KristofWB

    [Walibi Belgium] Mack AG "Power Splash" for 2016!

    Today, Walibi Belgium had it's annual Fan Day, where they invite fans for a whole day of ERT, specials and lot's more. A couple of minutes ago, the park announced that they will open a brand new ride in 2016. Not much details have been given; except that it will be build by Mack AG and it will...
  14. KristofWB

    [Walibi Belgium] Halloween 2014: Zombies vs. Vampires!

    Now the summerseason is over, Walibi Belgium is preparing itself for the ultimate periode during the season: Halloween. Started as some kind of small event in 2000, Halloween has been grown into one of the biggest Halloweenevents in Belgium and Holland. Since 2008, the park has started a...
  15. KristofWB

    Walibi Belgium vs. 'The Locals': episode 9857!

    Let's go back to the year 1975, July 26th. Walibi Belgium opens it doors. Located in Bierges, a small little village in Walloon-Brabant, close to a quarter with locals. Never any problems, locals accepted the opening of a themepark next to their actual doors. Relationship between the park and...
  16. KristofWB

    [Walibi Belgium] Big, spectacular new ride for 2016!

    Panic in Belgium themeparkloving circles monday, when a Belgian TV-channel announced that Walibi Belgium was not planning to open any brand new rides in the future because of bad results the past couple of seasons. However today, Jean-Christophe Parent, General Manager from Walibi Belgium said...
  17. KristofWB

    Walibi Belgium goes for new strategy!

    Panick at the backoffice staff from Walibi Belgium past week. Fifteen of their employees at the administration of the park unexpectedly got their letter of resignation. Reason for their resignation is the fact that Compagnie des Alpes will reform the park pretty drastic. The past season, CdA...
  18. KristofWB

    [Walibi Belgium] Zombie Celebration!

    What does someone do when he gets bored? And Belgian themeparkfans have started some discussions about Halloween in our Belgian parks? Yes, bring back old memories and experiences from Zombie Attack last year in Walibi Belgium. I was browsing around on YouTube this afternoon and suddenly I found...
  19. KristofWB

    Walibi Belgium to get complete re-theme!

    In 2011, the Walibi Parks introduced their 'Music Battle'. Every Walibi Park would recieve a brand new park style: The Music Battle. A battle between two bands that will dominate the complete park. It also included a giant make-over for each park, themed after the two rival bands. With the...
  20. KristofWB

    [Walibi Belgium] Zombie Attack - 27/10/2012

    I had my first Halloween visit at Walibi Belgium in 2002, exactly 10 years ago. While we had to do it with only one haunted house that year, Walibi Belgium promised us a 'Bigger, Harder, Better' edition in 12 years. Our turn to see if this was true. Was the event bigger than ever? Was the horror...