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  1. adrenaline1996

    Fantaseas Water Park

    Hey everyone! According to the Wikipedia article for the Fantaseas chain of water parks in the '80s and '90s, I found this: I'm not saying that this is actually happening and the lack of any citations to back it up just makes it seem to be a throw away remark. However, I was wondering if...
  2. adrenaline1996

    Six Flags in the UK - Could it ever happen?

    Hey everyone! From just researching theme park stuff tonight, looking into the international expansion of Six Flags, I was just wondering if the company could open a park within the UK? Whilst the plans for parks in Dubai and China have fallen through, I still imagine that the division for...
  3. adrenaline1996

    If new Schwarzkopf-style Coasters were built...

    Hey, If you wanted to build a new Schwarzkopf-style Coaster (leaving out the issues of safety and implausibility etc.), which manufacturer would you have to go to? Would it be Maurer or Gerstlauer? Thanks everyone!