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    "Now Showing"

    Watched a few films the other day since I was ill and childless for the night. Barb and Star Go To Vista del Mar Ah I was looking forward to watching this even though it looked ridiculous. Kristen Wiig is a favourote of mine in the comedy world and Bridesmaids was so brilliant that I...
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    Ice rooms in theme parks

    Parque Espana is the only one I have seen, but let me tell you it was absolutely glorious and relieving to go into it since we visited when the weather was quite toasty!
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    What would be your dream theme in a theme park?

    A really well done and fully immersive horror or spooky themed area would probably be ideal for me. Something that gives off these kind of vibes: I also echo the idea that Lord of the Rings would be great. I don't love the movies (yes, shoot me dead) but I think it could make for a...
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    Most beautiful park in Florida?

    Animal Kingdom is gorgeous, but at the same time the whole area around Primeval Whirl has to be taken into consideration and it's truly and eyesore. I'd probably have to say Islands of Adventure, because each area is so carefully crafted and even though some of the garish colours in the comic...
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    Squeezing limes to make homemade margz was the best. So desperate to get the lime juice! Also you hate whiskey so I have to kind of hate you a little bit.
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    Your Favourite Artists/Bands

    Pearl Jam Stone Temple Pilots Volbeat Alanis Morissette Three Days Grace Third Eye Blind Matchbox 20 Journey Nirvana Foo Fighters Breaking Benjamin Alice in Chains Goo Goo Dolls Our Lady Peace REO Speedwagon Three Doors Down Mainly grunge and 90s with some older stuff thrown in.
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    When I have mixed drinks, I usually only like rye/whisky and a bit of water with ice. But, in terms of cocktails I like caesars (worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, clamato juice, pickle juice), margaritas, manhattans, or cosmopolitans. The secret to an amazing margarita is to also add in a...
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    Your Favourite Ever CF Lives

    Haha I do remember that phone conversation! Oh God that seems like so long ago now. My mom knew what shenanigans I was getting up to, thankfully she was cool about it and let me go on more trips :P She was just happy I didn't get kidnapped or in a car accident.
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    It is not all about rollercoasters...

    Go to a park knowing what it has to offer, whether it be a few good credits, a bunch of mediocre credits to boost the count, or a great atmosphere with little in terms of coasters, and then just try to appreciate it for what it is. It's like a person going to Disney and expecting wild...
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    Your Favourite Ever CF Lives

    OMG I was so ****ing intimidated on that GF Live. I met so many people that day that I had been talking to for ages and it was scary but fab at the same time. The ORP on Saw with Gingy was amazing hahaha. Also yeah wtf, I went to my first CF Live when I was 13. Wtf! Amd my first overnight...
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    Your Favourite Ever CF Lives

    Dixieland Doozy and Shuckin' Escapade- Both Lives of 2010 for me! So many creds, parks, and great people. I did like Ghosterforce of that year as well as the Xmas meetup because I met a lot of people that I had only met online before. I miss those days.
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    What’s the most jackhammering coaster ever?

    I can't remember if Stampida was jackhammering or just rough, but either way it was **** and deserves a mention. Villain jackhammered my cousin's boob out of her tank top so I guess that deserves a mention, too.
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    Future bachelor party ideas

    I would say Dollywood, because apart from the fact it is a beautiful park with some quality rides and coasters, it's also located in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area. If you haven't been, it's an extremely good time and the free moonshine tastings in both cities have proven to be a fun way...
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    Your Top 10 Movies.

    In no particular order... Labyrinth- This wins as my all time favourite, I think. Jim Henson was pure creative genius and everything feels so authentic despite being a fantasy world, likely due to the lack of CGI. You can really tell how much heart and hard work went into this film, and it's...
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    Antinos' 2020 Thread (Silverwood and remaining sights - whole report complete!)

    Yah it certainly seems like SUCH a trek to get out there which is the obvious reason why I haven't gone yet. I think next time I do a California or west coast trip I'll probably throw those parks in, but like heck am I paying for flights just to go there. I'm surprised you've compared...
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    Antinos' 2020 Thread (Silverwood and remaining sights - whole report complete!)

    I really enjoyed reading this! It's so weird seeing the S&S facility because some of the pictures look like the old machine shop I worked in, and then I remember that coaster pieces are actually manufactured in machine shops which is quite weird if that makes any sense :P I wonder how many thou...
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    Rank the Giga Coasters

    The discussion of OMG IS THIS A GIGA is stupid, so even though everyone is trying to act smart, we all know the topic is referring to the traditional giga coasters. AKA- Millennium Force, Intimidator 305, Fury 325, Steel Dragon 2000, Orion, Leviathan
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    Rank the Giga Coasters

    1. Fury 325- So much anticipation on that first hill and I just love the layout. Such a perfect mix of airtime and speed. 2. Millennium Force- Still one of the best first drops and I'd say it heightens the sensation if speed more than any of the other giga coasters I have been on. The airtime...
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    Silver Dollar City | Mystic River Falls | River Rapids

    Why are people so anti-seatbelts on these? I get that they cause a bit of extra faff or whatever but I have honestly never been on a rapid ride and been having a fab ol' time watching others or myself get soaked and thought "well, I have a seatbelt on so this actually sucks." This looks...
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    Two questions about CF Platinum Passes

    1. I don't think that they are refundable, but they are valid through the entire 2021 season, so that's likely their remedy. You could always see if they could make an exception, but it's unlikely. 2. The Platinum Pass takes effect from the time of purchase until the end of the operational...