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  1. nadroJ

    Which UK Coaster Has The Most Airtime?

    As above. I don't actually know and it occurred to me that I also have no process for figuring it out? What do we think?
  2. nadroJ

    Best B&M Flying Coaster?

    I've never made a secret about how much I really do not enjoy flyers. I hate hangtime, I find the restraints uncomfortable, my hair always ends up in my face so I can't see anything and I find something very undignified about the riding position. So I was pretty blown away by Crystal Wing at...
  3. nadroJ

    GoPro Restrictions at Orlando Parks

    Hi all, Got my dad a bday present of a GoPro and taking it to Orlando. Anybody have experience of using these on park and what the restrictions are? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. nadroJ

    UK Parks In 10 Years

    Seeing the rate at which certain UK parks have been developing it's got m thinking: what will the UK theme park landscape look like in 10 years? Mainly I think Paultons will become a major player. The park will become a household name akin to Alton, Thorpe and Chessie and they'll have...
  5. nadroJ

    Guardians of the Galaxy retheme for Tower of Terror

    Yep. It's a thing. Strong rumours currently circulating: Currently rumoured for DCA and DHS. Basically, Disney want to get Marvel crap in as quickly as possible and be seen to be adding new attractions. I want to cry.
  6. nadroJ

    Which Director Would You Love to Design a Ride

    I just finished watching Crimson Peak by Guillermo del Toro and can't stop thinking how amazing a haunted house designed by this guy would be. And it got me thinking about if other directors were to design rides. what would they be. Go!
  7. nadroJ

    Halloween Park Plans

    What's Halloween events is everybody doing then? I'm hitting up the following: FRIGHT NIGHTS - Thorpe HowlOWeen - CWOA Scarefest - Alton Towers Shocktober Fest - Tulley's Farm Screamland - Dreamland Margate Scare Kingdom Wish I could squeeze some more in but I think that's all I'll have time...
  8. nadroJ

    Liseberg winter operating schedule

    Anybody done Liseberg during its winter months? Noticed it has substantial opening hours in December but obvs if Helix isn't open I shan't bother.
  9. nadroJ

    Oktoberfest ride line-up

    Any ideas from anyone as to what's there this year? There's nothing specific on their website/Facebook and I've gone through the links Jerry posted a while back and keep coming up empty.
  10. nadroJ

    Parks letting the public name their rides

    Basically, is it a good idea? I've noticed recently that a few UK parks haven taken to social media and asked the public to name their new attractions, most popular name wins! Now to me this opens up the door for all kinds of shenanigans, but I've had a read through and they're mostly fairly...
  11. nadroJ

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Belgium/Holland/Germany

    So a trip was being arranged for a few days in the wonderful country of Germany over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Not wanting to return to the disappointment-fest that is Heide Park, Conor and I (mostly me) decided to do a few days mopping up some +1s around the border crossover points of...
  12. nadroJ

    Parks you would rate 5 star?

    I was having a little wonder to myself this morning about what parks I would actually call 5 star. As in what parks really tick ALL of the boxes. And it occurred to me that even my favourite parks wouldn't fall into that category as they are all missing something to give them the complete...
  13. nadroJ

    WTF Merlin?

    I think we can all safely agree that there have been a lot of...well, odd decisions by everybody's favourite Theme Park owners of late, and I thought it should have its very own topic because to me it is a very interesting subject to vent about, if nothing else. So the latest WTF comes in the...
  14. nadroJ

    Difference between Gravity Group and Gravitykraft?

    Doing a little research into Tayto Park on RCDB and noticed that the new coaster is listed under both of these manufacturers. Can anybody clarify the difference for me?
  15. nadroJ

    Favourite 'special effect' on a ride?

    As expressed in the dark ride topic, we have a keen interest here on CF for all things theatrical when it comes to rides. So what is your favourite special effect? At the moment mine is the mirror/door effect in Enchanted Tales with Belle. I literally cannot explain how it works and its amazing...
  16. nadroJ

    How many resort hotels have you visited?

    Having just returned from yet another stay at a resort hotel I've noticed myself getting a bit of a taste for them. Here are the ones I've visited: Hotel PortAventura Gold River (PA) Hotel Matamba (Phantasialand) Port Royal (Heide Park) Alton Towers Hotel Splash Landings Davy Crockett Ranch...
  17. nadroJ

    Do you thank the ride-op?

    I notice often that when I've been on a particularly embarrassing cred I always thank the ride-op after my ride. I only do this for +1s, never on 'proper' rides/coasters. Do you thank the ride-op?
  18. nadroJ


    Every year around my birthday I do a little trip in Europe somewhere to get some creds and to see some other parks outside of the UK all dressed up for Halloween. The past three years I have ended up in Germany, and there are only a few small parks left for me to get, yay! This year however I...
  19. nadroJ

    A quick nip down South

    Was bored the other day so decided to pop down south to mop up the last of the creds one can obtain sans child. First stop was Flamingo Park in Hastings, most infamous for its temperamental Big Apple cred that seems to elude even the best of cred whores. Luckily for AJ and I, the thing was open...
  20. nadroJ

    This could be Rotterdam, or anywhere...

    A few months ago a few of us decided that the end of April we would visit France and go ride Alpina Blitz as well as a bunch of other French creds. This feel through due to people's work places being poo, so seeing as Conor and I already had the time off we decided to make use of it by getting...