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  1. nadroJ

    The World of David Walliams is coming to Alton Towers

    Thank god for that 😂
  2. nadroJ

    The World of David Walliams is coming to Alton Towers

    Did...did you think they'd made a children's land themed around the man/00s comedian David Walliams? 😂 And yes, his books are very Dahl-ish down to the Quentin Blake inspired illustrations.
  3. nadroJ

    The World of David Walliams is coming to Alton Towers

    I get your point but the pull of Walliams here is that he's the UK's no.1 best-selling children's author for something like two years straight?
  4. nadroJ

    What's The Song You're Listening To Right Now?

    Not right this second but I was just driving back from Towers listening to this album, but this song in particular slaps.
  5. nadroJ

    Coaster hair?

    Yh, the balaclavas are certainly intended for hijab/niqab users but honestly next time I ride I may consider one, my hair was like a birds nest!
  6. nadroJ

    Coaster hair?

    No but only because I brush it obsessively throughout the day when I'm at a park to stop it getting too horrific. Tell you what WAS a fun hair experience...Formula Rossa!
  7. nadroJ

    Alton Towers vs Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I do love the Pleasure Beach in all its fabulous tacky glory. I do really appreciate the no rhyme or reason approach to the Pleasure Beach that can take you from epic Viking world-class water ride to random piece of (Polish?) architecture and street sign for no reason, to huge American brand...
  8. nadroJ

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Urgh, I'm really sad for Dreamland. It's a park I really enjoy just because the vibes are fun and they've done some great Halloween events. Hastings is actually really nice too so glad to see Pinball X find a new home. Fun fact, that pond you can see in the photo - I saw a dad having a...
  9. nadroJ

    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    ^Was going to say @furie, I'm surprised you've never heard of it as this was the original idea for SW1!
  10. nadroJ

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Southern problems I think? I was saying to my friends it's hilarious to me seeing half of theme park Twitter wetting themselves over a smiley face whilst the rest of us sit here baffled 😂
  11. nadroJ

    What is the UK's most Iconic piece of themeing / themed area?

    I have a few: Transylvania at Chessington Reasons as mentioned by Chris above and more! Spooky, immersive, TWO excellent attractions plus nostalgia points for me. Could hang out there all day. Wicker Man at Alton Towers Whilst the coaster isn't my favourite, I do adore the centrepiece...
  12. nadroJ

    Coaster with the strongest smell?

    The station of Extreme Rusher smells like garlic bread because it's directly above a pizza restaurant. I kinda like the damp watery earthy smell of the Nemesis pit too...
  13. nadroJ

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    My hatred of the place cannot be rescued by neither Shambhala nor Red Force alike. HORRENDOUS non-sensical operations, everywhere stinks (particularly in summer), rude staff, ruder clientele, graffiti and gum everywhere. And they gave me food poisoning :mad: (as if I didn't already hate the...
  14. nadroJ

    Rank the Intamin Launch Coasters

    Maybe this is all of them? I should note that I ADORE launch coasters, particularly of the Intamin variety, so even the ones at the bottom are coasters I've enjoyed. 1. Taron, Phantasialand - duh? 2. Formula Rossa, Ferrari World - excellent launch, loads of speed, endlessly rerideable. But...
  15. nadroJ

    Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021

    Why am I so excited to get an opening date that makes no odds to me, a Brit who won't be visiting until next year at the earliest 😂
  16. nadroJ

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    RMCs are good but the fact that they're so predictably excellent makes them a bit boring. Dollywood doesn't have any stand-out coasters that I'd be gagging to get back to ride and overall I think SDC is better. Millennium Force is extremely dull. Port Aventura is terrible. Energylandia is...
  17. nadroJ

    Music Recommendations

    OK this has made its way into my rotation. It's absolutely ridiculous, I love it. My fav tracks are American Nightmare, Stabbing in the Dark and Rocking the Boat. Stabbing in the Dark gives me big Breaking Benjamin vibes, it's stupid.
  18. nadroJ

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Future Predictions

    I think I'd heard somewhere internally that the park did not consider Icon to be a success - based on what I'm not sure. It'll be interesting to see what the next year brings. With the fairly new BLVD hotel and the Big Blue, plus a huge increase in UK 'staycations' expected for 2021 I'd say...
  19. nadroJ

    Walibi Belgium | Kondaa | Intamin Mega Coaster | 2021

    Yessss I'm already drooling over the photographic potential!