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  1. Hutch

    Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021

    Yeah, I'm still waiting on the standard fixed pov. I do enjoy the horizon-locked POVs from time to time, but for a new ride like this I'm really just interested to see how it would normally ride.
  2. Hutch

    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    After over a year being closed, Massachusetts theme parks (so basically SFNE) will be able to open May 10th at 50% capacity. Mass. COVID Regulations, Mass. Mask Requirements – NBC Boston Sort of tempted to go sometime in May or June, but I'll be limited to weekends and have no idea what the...
  3. Hutch

    Silverwood | Stunt Pilot | RMC Raptor | 2021

    Hard to tell, as nobody has ridden this one yet. :P
  4. Hutch

    Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021

    I wouldn't expect it to add much honestly. I actually like the final roll on Banshee, probably my favorite inversion of that ride (which isn't saying much tbh). The only thing is that slow inline rolls with a lot of hangtime just seem very out of place for intense B&M inverts. For Monster...
  5. Hutch

    Craving an Average Park

    I don't seem to visit parks as much as most other people on the forums (on average usually around five or so a year, but trying to step up my game). Since I'm already used to not visiting many parks, I don't find myself craving a Funtown Splashtown USA or anything like that lol. I was able to...
  6. Hutch

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster | 2021

    I just find it so strange that SeaWorld was so on board about getting those shoulder straps on their Premiers, then comes along an Intamin with the clamshells. I'm not complaining that Pantheon has lap bars, but you'd think would've pushed for OTSRs.
  7. Hutch

    Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021

    You know if they open within the next few weeks the park will turn into a covid cesspool. I'd like to think that they're waiting a couple months to allow more folks to get vaccinated and restrictions to be raised. Then again, it is Florida, so who knows if the park cares about covid or not.
  8. Hutch

    Coaster with the strongest smell?

    I couldn't think of one for a while but then I remembered Smiler's restraints smelling pretty funky. Anyone else have similar thoughts? That was back in 2014... maybe they've hung up some car fresheners since then?
  9. Hutch

    Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021

    I have a feeling this may be a front row ride over back row? Some of the inversions don't seem as snappy like other inverts, but it looks like you could get some good whip going up into the inversions (as well as the jr immelmann). Plus, the view facing the lake as you plunge down and the drop...
  10. Hutch

    Future developments at Dollywood

    I'd say it's my favorite Euro Fighter for all the wrong reasons. If it had none of the theming, it'd easily be the worst one. It has the usual Gerstlauer transitions which ride like ass. Now the middle portion will be much better without the drop into the overbank, but that whole section will...
  11. Hutch

    Fuji-Q Announces Major New Coaster for 2022!

    Looks good enough for a family coaster. Is it the most exciting choice though? Nah. Layout seems a bit better than Wave Breaker, but I hate this concrete setting they have here. Hopefully they're more creative with better theming/interactions.
  12. Hutch

    Future developments at Dollywood

    I mean, it's not like the ride doesn't have a bigger and better and better drop as the finale. That part is actually executed pretty well.
  13. Hutch

    Sea World Australia | Leviathan | Gravity Group woodie | 2021

    Really like the look of this, especially with how compact it is. Looks like you'll have some great interaction with the main lift structure.
  14. Hutch

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster | 2021

    That looks sexy! Can't wait to (hopefully) ride this summer!
  15. Hutch

    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    Imagine having to ride all three only to get one cred.
  16. Hutch

    Fantastic old coaster footage/pics

    Stumbled across the first page of this thread and it looks like @furie had shared a video of this! Despite the limitations, they seem to synch up better than Twisted Colossus! :p
  17. Hutch

    RMC Next Coaster Model after Raptor/T-Rex

    Let me go ask the dippin dots guy and I'll report back.
  18. Hutch

    Plopsaland de Panne | The Ride to Happiness | Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster | 2021

    Really wish that's how Icon ran for real. I mean I haven't ridden it so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but my biggest problem with the ride is that the launches look way to slow and seems to neuter the rest of the layout.
  19. Hutch

    Rank the B&M Hyper coasters

    That's actually a pretty reasonable list. I wouldn't put Fury as at the top though (let alone top B&M), but don't really disagree with anything else there.
  20. Hutch

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster | 2021

    Damn those kids need to calm down lol.