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  1. Matthew Fair

    World Cup Of Theme Parks!

    Hi guys! After seeing @valleyfair! run his Coaster Tournament I thought it would be a good idea to set one up for parks. I've created it on Challonge which is an online platform that is great for this sort of thing. To vote head to Voting is free but you do need...
  2. Matthew Fair

    The disaster that is Journey To Hell Freak Nights at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Anyone been/going to Pleasure Beach for their new 2019 Halloween attraction? After being hyped up for a few months I thought it was actually going to be quite good but the reviews are in and it sounds like a hot mess. Part of the experience was advertised to be a ride on ICON (Mack double...
  3. Matthew Fair

    2018 Theme Park and Museums Index now out…/up…/2019/05/Theme-Index-2018-5-1.pdf Makes for an interesting read
  4. Matthew Fair

    Golden Ticket Awards 2019 Winners

    The Golden Ticket Awards 2019 have just taken place at Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho, here are the winners..
  5. Matthew Fair

    Theme Park Maps

    I was recently planning a few theme park trips and this got me thinking about the variation in quality of theme park map quality. Some maps are amazing and really clear to use whereas others look awful and are practically useless. GREAT TIER- Magic Kingdom, Islands Of Adventure. These maps are...
  6. Matthew Fair

    Theme Park Memes

    I can't believe this thread doesn't exist yet (which probably means it does and I just cannot find it?) but lets share out best theme park memes here!
  7. Matthew Fair

    Universal's Epic Universe Announced! New Orlando Resort!

    Universal have a large scale press conference planned in Orlando for next Thursday- any ideas what is going to be announced? From the scale of things it sounds like a major announcement so I'm suspecting Fantastic Worlds (3rd theme park) to be announced
  8. Matthew Fair

    Dubious Claims

    Hi guys, I have just got back from a holiday in Rhodes. We stayed in a place called Faliraki and just next to us was a waterpark called "Water Park" They claimed to be the largest waterpark in Europe but I am highly septical of that (look at the place on Google Maps, I'm sure you will see why)...
  9. Matthew Fair

    Theme Park Confessions

    Any avid BBC Radio 2 listeners will remember a feature on Simon Mayo's drive time show where listeners would write in and confess to doing naughty/funny things- like accidentally confusing their grandma's ashes with some herbs and then put them in a Christmas pudding. I thought it would be a...
  10. Matthew Fair

    Best park in Florida

    Soooo what do we think?
  11. Matthew Fair

    The Coaster Force Poetry Corner

    Hi guys, So I thought it would be kind of amusing if we had a thread where we can write our best theme park/ rollercoaster poems- so here it is! I'll start off- "Roses are red, Violets are blue, Pinfari make roller coasters, That almost kill you"
  12. Matthew Fair

    Best place to live in England for theme parks

    Ok guys so this has taken me a while but I have complied a map of travel time to English theme parks and you can see the results above. Lets break down the best places to live by number of parks accessible in 1:30 then- -SOUTH ENGLAND- WEST LONDON- within 1:30 of Paultons (1:14), Chessington...
  13. Matthew Fair

    Alton Towers Recreation In Parkitect

    Hello guys! Geekism has just started a new series on YouTube in which he is attempting to build Alton Towers in Parkitect. Sounds interesting to me, here is the link
  14. Matthew Fair

    Some interesting manufacturer graphs..

    Threw these together this evening. Interesting stuff!
  15. Matthew Fair

    Future of Flamingo Land?

    What are we thinking will happen at Flamingo Land in the future? Wondering if there are any new coasters on the horizon...