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  1. CrashCoaster

    Six Flags 2020 Announcements

    Thought I'd create a topic for this since there already is one for Cedar Fair. Anyone know when the announcement video is coming out?
  2. CrashCoaster

    S&S Air Launch in production - Where could it be going?

    So S&S just posted this on their Facebook:- At first I thought it was Maxx Force, but the track after the launch in the photo looks different, so this begs the question where is it going? I'm betting a Six Flags park, but it should certainly be interesting!
  3. CrashCoaster

    How do I get more points on CF?

    I have been stuck at 333 points on CF for the longest time, I was just wondering how do I possibly get more? I mean is it just anniversary based? I don't know how I have the number of points I do but there still a good few members who have more points, it's just kind of unclear how you get...
  4. CrashCoaster

    World's Tallest (Freestanding) Gyro Drop Tower and Slingshot for I-Drive Orlando

    So this could be another interesting development coming to ICON PARK (home of The Wheel and Orlando StarFlyer) on I-Drive. Initial announcement and construction update via Midway Mayhem:- The drop tower will be manufactured by Funtime, and will likely have the same tiny lap bar as Le Donjon de...
  5. CrashCoaster

    Tatzmania Löffingen | Gold Rusher | Gerstlauer Bobsled (Green Hornet Clone)

    RCDB has stated a Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster is opening at Tatzmania Löffingen (home to currently just a 2018 SBF 3-Loop spinner in terms of coasters) later this year, which is confirmed because photos of the coaster pieces have been uploaded to the site:- Gerstlauer...
  6. CrashCoaster

    2nd Gen Reverchon Spinning Wild Mice

    Oh god. Meh. I doubt they'll be any better than the regular versions to be honest, but I am a little curious I have to admit. Should be interesting to see what comes of this.
  7. CrashCoaster

    Future Industry Speculation Thread

    Hi everyone. I thought I'd create a thread where we can speculate on what parks may be adding in the future, and what we'd like to see come to said parks, and other people's opinions on these, as to what could be a likely thing to happen. As well as other industry possibilities, such as the...
  8. CrashCoaster

    Where Can I Buy Manufacturer Merch?

    I really want to go to theme parks and wear an RMC t-shirt to troll lots of enthusiasts, but I can't find how people are able to purchase them. Are they only exclusive for people who work for the company or are they purchasable by anyone?
  9. CrashCoaster

    HyperKik - New Hyperloop Transportaton System For Duinrell?

    I can't make sense of this video since it s all in Dutch, could someone please tell me if the title is anywhere near correct?
  10. CrashCoaster

    Green Lantern Removal - Six Flags Magic Mountain

    SFMM has confirmed that Green Lantern will be removed via Screamscape, after many months of closure:- What do people think will replace it? I could easily see it replaced with an S&S 4D Free Spin, perhaps with the same name and...
  11. CrashCoaster

    SeaWorld Orlando | Unknown | Premier Rides Custom Sky Rocket

    Not aware of there already being a thread for this, but my pardon if there is. This deserves its own thread anyway. SWO has just filed permits for what will likely be for the 2020 coaster, which was leaked with the rest of the SeaWorld leaks, which all seem to be true:- I wouldn't expect more...
  12. CrashCoaster

    Kongeparken | Stupet | Funtime Observation/Drop Tower

    Kongeparken in Norway has announced a brand new 80 metre tall Funtime Gyro Drop Tower for later later this year named "Stupet" (not Stupid, but it translates to "The Cliff"), and will open on June 13th:- Looks like a fun ride! Shame it will have the Gerstlauer OTSRs like Highlander, but it's...
  13. CrashCoaster

    Ugliest Ride Stations

    I mean... this topic is literally what it says on the tin. Which rides across the world have the ugliest station/queue buildings, in both interior and exterior? I mean, Velocity's is pretty bad:- And also G-Force's was pretty bad:- And I know there's many more.
  14. CrashCoaster

    Vekoma SLC ARBs

    How does the anti-rollback system on an SLC's lift hill work? It just looks like a fin that runs the whole way up the lift hill, but does anyone know how it actually functions? :)
  15. CrashCoaster

    Ride Sims is Back!

    I couldn't find a thread for this anywhere else and I wasn't sure where to post it but after three years, Ride Sims has returned as of 5th January 2019 as Ride Sims 2, where you can simulate operate different rides, such as Taron, Helix and Baron 1898. It's a lot of fun in my opinion, and there...
  16. CrashCoaster

    More Woodies in the UK

    So after the success of Wicker Man at Alton Towers being the first wooden coaster built in the UK in over 20 years, using modern technologies from GCI, does anyone think this will inspire more UK parks to take note of Wicker Man's success and build more wooden coasters across the country, and do...
  17. CrashCoaster

    IAAPA 2018

    So since today is the first day of IAAPA 2018, I thought I'd make this years edition of the topic, so we can keep all things IAAPA 2018 in this thread. Should be an awesome time as always! :)
  18. CrashCoaster

    Happy Valley Shenzhen | Unknown | Mack PowerSplash

    I'm surprised this has slipped completely under the radar but I discovered this on RCDB:- Thoughts?
  19. CrashCoaster

    Chengdu Wanda City | Unknown | Taron Clone

    Just found this:- Thoughts?
  20. CrashCoaster

    Removal of G-Force at Drayton Manor (2005 - 2018)

    It's official - It has been confirmed by the park that G-Force is leaving Drayton Manor, due to low reliability and high maintenance costs:- Rest in pieces. I very much look forward to see what replaces it, perhaps a new GG family woodie in 2020? At least the clone in Iraq will make the layout...