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  1. LiveForTheLaunch

    Your Favourite Ever CF Lives

    Dixieland Doozy and Shuckin' Escapade- Both Lives of 2010 for me! So many creds, parks, and great people. I did like Ghosterforce of that year as well as the Xmas meetup because I met a lot of people that I had only met online before. I miss those days.
  2. LiveForTheLaunch

    What’s the most jackhammering coaster ever?

    I can't remember if Stampida was jackhammering or just rough, but either way it was **** and deserves a mention. Villain jackhammered my cousin's boob out of her tank top so I guess that deserves a mention, too.
  3. LiveForTheLaunch

    Future bachelor party ideas

    I would say Dollywood, because apart from the fact it is a beautiful park with some quality rides and coasters, it's also located in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area. If you haven't been, it's an extremely good time and the free moonshine tastings in both cities have proven to be a fun way...
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    Your Top 10 Movies.

    In no particular order... Labyrinth- This wins as my all time favourite, I think. Jim Henson was pure creative genius and everything feels so authentic despite being a fantasy world, likely due to the lack of CGI. You can really tell how much heart and hard work went into this film, and it's...
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    Antinos' 2020 Thread (Silverwood and remaining sights - whole report complete!)

    Yah it certainly seems like SUCH a trek to get out there which is the obvious reason why I haven't gone yet. I think next time I do a California or west coast trip I'll probably throw those parks in, but like heck am I paying for flights just to go there. I'm surprised you've compared...
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    Antinos' 2020 Thread (Silverwood and remaining sights - whole report complete!)

    I really enjoyed reading this! It's so weird seeing the S&S facility because some of the pictures look like the old machine shop I worked in, and then I remember that coaster pieces are actually manufactured in machine shops which is quite weird if that makes any sense :P I wonder how many thou...
  7. LiveForTheLaunch

    Rank the Giga Coasters

    The discussion of OMG IS THIS A GIGA is stupid, so even though everyone is trying to act smart, we all know the topic is referring to the traditional giga coasters. AKA- Millennium Force, Intimidator 305, Fury 325, Steel Dragon 2000, Orion, Leviathan
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    Rank the Giga Coasters

    1. Fury 325- So much anticipation on that first hill and I just love the layout. Such a perfect mix of airtime and speed. 2. Millennium Force- Still one of the best first drops and I'd say it heightens the sensation if speed more than any of the other giga coasters I have been on. The airtime...
  9. LiveForTheLaunch

    Silver Dollar City | Mystic River Falls | River Rapids

    Why are people so anti-seatbelts on these? I get that they cause a bit of extra faff or whatever but I have honestly never been on a rapid ride and been having a fab ol' time watching others or myself get soaked and thought "well, I have a seatbelt on so this actually sucks." This looks...
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    Two questions about CF Platinum Passes

    1. I don't think that they are refundable, but they are valid through the entire 2021 season, so that's likely their remedy. You could always see if they could make an exception, but it's unlikely. 2. The Platinum Pass takes effect from the time of purchase until the end of the operational...
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    What are your favourite non-coaster attractions?

    @Howie HOW?! WHY?! I know Ian likes it as well but I stood there like, waiting for something to happen and not understanding the dialogue the entire time. Between that and Poseidon at Islands, I am not sure which I found worse. I was also standing next to/underneath someone's armpits that had...
  12. LiveForTheLaunch

    What are your favourite non-coaster attractions?

    I could probably name most rides at Disney and Universal, so I'll start with rides that aren't located there (in no order). Splash UFO- Yumiuriland- I love rapid rides and this was just pure WTF. Riding around in a noodle bowl in a water ride about noodles. Only in Japan. Nagashima Maska-...
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    Disney retheming Splash Mountain at WDW & Disneyland to The Princess & The Frog

    Same, and I lovedddd that VHS! I think I watched it 2x daily for the 3 months leading up to my first Disney trip as a kid. Grim Grinning Ghosts ❤
  14. LiveForTheLaunch

    Disney retheming Splash Mountain at WDW & Disneyland to The Princess & The Frog

    I was actually going to bring up It's a Small World. The ride's very premise is basically to stereotype. But yes, you are right. If you delve deep enough into ANYTHING, you can basically find some kind of issue. Even as far as the gender equality issue is concerned, I had an actual assignment...
  15. LiveForTheLaunch

    Top 10(ish): 2020 Edition - page 96

    @DILinator I couldn't agree more! I wasn't even that hyped to ride it, and I thought it would definitely be the worst RMC. It turned out to be 2nd to Steel Vengeance, but my top RMC when I first rode it (SV wasn't open yet but I had been on Wildfire, Outlaw Run, Iron Rattler, and New Texas...
  16. LiveForTheLaunch

    Disney retheming Splash Mountain at WDW & Disneyland to The Princess & The Frog

    I might come under fire for my opinions regarding this whole movement, and I first want to start off by saying that yes, black lives do matter and it is important that they are heard. I also understand why Song of the South is considered a troublesome theme and why they have made the decision...
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    Coasters you like that others don’t and a coaster you don’t like that others do

    Coasters I like that others don't Beast- I know many like it during the night, but I enjoy it during the day as well. It doesn't do much but it's different and not super intense, which in my old age is a good thing Raging Bull- It's not a top coaster by any means but it's certainly not that bad...
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    Kentucky Kingdom planning an RMC Raptor for the 2021 season?

    Kentucky Kingdom has quickly gone from a bit of a ****hole to a very good coaster destination, and a Raptor would be a great addition if it actually came to fruition. I need to make a trip back there in the coming years and this would be a good draw, on top of reriding Storm Chaser.
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    "Now Showing"

    Knives Out A decent movie with a good cast. Didn't love it as much as some did, but it kept me entertained. 7
  20. LiveForTheLaunch

    The TV we watch...

    I finished Vikings and loved it! Sexy men, lots of different storylines, action, curveballs, and epic deaths. 9/10