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  1. Matt N

    David & Dave Do Trips' (plus some other stuff).

    Great report @Howie; looks like you guys had a great time in Germany! I’m intrigued to see what you think of Poland’s theme parks; was it your first time in Poland?
  2. Matt N

    What UK Parks are "Worth It?"

    I’d say that Oakwood is definitely worth a visit if you’re willing to go a little (OK, quite a bit) out of your way; Megafobia is really good fun, in my opinion, especially if you like woodies! Combined with Speed (not really a fan of it, personally, but the airtime hill’s phenomenal!), I’d say...
  3. Matt N

    Rank your ridden CCIs

    As this is the thread for CCI discussion, I’d be intrigued to know; is Megafobia one of the more highly ranked CCIs, or is it just that the UK doesn’t have an awful lot of wooden coasters? Only asking because I’ve noticed that a lot of the British vloggers and enthusiasts who visit Oakwood seem...
  4. Matt N

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    I have an uncommon opinion that I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted before; does anyone else prefer the front of Megafobia at Oakwood to the back? I always hear people rave about back row Megafobia, but I think I find it a bit too brutal at the very back, personally. For me, front row is where...
  5. Matt N

    Rearrange the Above User's Top 10!

    Let me have a go at yours @Howie; I’ve got to admit, this is a really fun thread! I never thought that rearranging other people’s top 10s could be so much fun! I’ve only ridden Nemesis off of your list, so if I were to approximate, based on my personal taste in coasters as well as how certain...
  6. Matt N

    GCI vs Gravity Group: which wooden coaster company do you like more?

    Hi guys. I’m in a poll kind of mood today, so today I ask; of the two main traditional wooden coaster manufacturers (GCI and Gravity Group), which one do you personally like more? The reason I’m not including other companies like RMC and Intamin in this is because they build very different types...
  7. Matt N

    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    It would seem that the project has gained some opposition in the local area, from a group named “Save Swanscombe’s Marshes”: Oh dear... I hope this doesn’t stall development too much.
  8. Matt N

    Rank the Goliaths

    Hi guys. Of all the Six Flags staples, having large coasters named Goliath seems like one of the most well known, and ranking is always fun, in my opinion, so I thought it might be fun to rank the coasters named Goliath! Even though I spoke about Six Flags above, this does include Goliath at...
  9. Matt N

    Rearrange the Above User's Top 10!

    I get told that a lot, and I’d love to ride some new creds too, but the problem is; I’m not really at the age where I can travel on my own just yet, and my parents don’t want to go to places in Europe and such. I’m hoping to get to somewhere in Europe next year for my 18th birthday, as my...
  10. Matt N

    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    Out of interest, do any of the American CFers know which states have a comparatively low COVID prevalence within America? I must admit my American geography isn’t brilliant, but I do know that a lot of the states with higher COVID prevalence seem to be towards the South of the country (e.g...
  11. Matt N

    Rearrange the Above User's Top 10!

    I haven’t ridden any of your top 10 @Edward M, but if I had to approximate, I’d go with: Steel Vengeance The Voyage El Toro Taron Skyrush Helix Lightning Rod Wildfire Outlaw Run X2 For reference, my top 10 at this point in time (it changes a lot, as I’m pretty indecisive) is probably something...
  12. Matt N

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    I’ve got another few: Rush at Thorpe Park is my favourite UK flat ride; I never hear an awful lot of love for it, but I think it has some great airtime at the peak of each swing, a great sense of speed, and on the whole, I absolutely love it as far as flat rides go! Excluding Tower of Terror...
  13. Matt N

    Universal Studios Beijing | 2021

    Provided they don’t tighten too much, I think B&M’s vests are actually really nice. They’ll prevent any headbanging, for sure! Although having said that, a brand new B&M with new profiling is unlikely to have any headbanging regardless of restraint...
  14. Matt N

    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi

    Wow! It’s looking phenomenal, and I can’t quite believe how massive it looks!
  15. Matt N

    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    Alton Towers has introduced new measures to help with social distancing, according to TowersTimes: EDIT: For some reason, the Facebook post won’t load, but what they’ve introduced are a one-way system on the paths between Mutiny Bay and Gloomy Wood, as well as “crowd wardens” to help enforce...
  16. Matt N

    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    It might be worth remembering that they haven’t been hitting full capacity every single day, but yes, these are all points worth considering.
  17. Matt N

    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    I think the "reduced capacity" is a percentage of maximum capacity, which in Alton Towers' case is approximately 28,000. However, the amount they're letting in is still higher than an average day in 2019 apparently was, so that must be promising for Merlin's financial state. As for America...
  18. Matt N

    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    That’s quite all right! My point is that I was expecting better Q3 results because most parks have been open for a far longer period than they were during Q2, so that offers more opportunities to receive cash/profits.
  19. Matt N

    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    How can the parks already be reporting Q3 results when Q3 hasn’t ended yet (Q3 is July, August, September, isn’t it?)? When I googled Cedar Fair results, the ones that were listed as having been reported at the beginning of August were Q2 results...
  20. Matt N

    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    Funny you should say that, because many regional theme parks actually did very well during previous recessions. For example, here in the UK, our parks actually did very well out of the financial crash in 2008 due to a staycation boom, and they still did really well during the recession following...